If at the beginning of last year 2010 paid attention to the opinions of the experts on the future of storage in the cloud is could warn that almost with unanimity forecasts of future predicted for this type of short-term services were really good including such optimistic predictions as that ensured a growth almost in geometric progression through 2014 or 2015. See more detailed opinions by reading what Gary Kelly offers on the topic.. Reality, in this case the sensations, indicate that while cloud services have improved both performance and definition and specializations as later we will see, progression at least at the moment does not seem to be as dizzying as it was predicted. The origin of these services underlies the idea of providing the user with physical spaces in virtual environments; spaces where the user can store, organize and work on files that already have why to be housed in the connecting device nor occupy the same space. The idea in itself is a logical continuation of services and possibilities that Internet offers However crashes of plane with two of the great reluctance of a number of network users; on the one hand it stored and on other security total virtuality of the environment from the disposal of the user about your backup. In the first of the reluctance, needless to say, that all proposals for these services are accompanied by absolute guarantees of security, web design, and access on the stored. While, obviously, security is a thorny issue, the truth is that the very basis of cloud-based services rests on the same by what starting can accept like good warranties since, as we said, in itself same constitute much of the business model of who offers the services. The second reluctance is more complex because it directly affects the mentality with which users use the network. We like more or less recognize it even much of users not have emerged from the concept of the physical presence of files in favor of absolute virtuality from its housing.