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It is also less attention to indicate different types of sauces. Do not try to immediately perekushat, do it measured. In addition to the main restaurants, there are restaurants 'a la carte', which You can visit by appointment (there are both paid and free a la carte restaurants – it can be refined into a hotel). Also on site there are bars and snack bars. They served snacks throughout the day, alcohol and soft drinks, fruit, ice cream, etc. Infrastructure It is time to properly use the benefits offered by your hotel's infrastructure. Restaurants, bars, pools, beach, gym, conference – halls, Internet – cafes, playgrounds, tennis courts, animation, discos, saunas, baths and a Jacuzzi. All this is at your service! Please adhere to basic safety rules! This is especially true area swimming pools and water parks.

To avoid awkward situations, always ask the representatives of hotel information, concerning the fact that a paid service or not. Basic information you get when booking the tour at the agency, but at the discretion of Hotel management, or that service can beat both paid and free. Pay attention to which time of day, the hotel is working on the system Al (all included). If you ordered a drink after ran out of time of Al – You will be billed and the bill so that you do not like. When you buy something at the hotel – ask for an account and keep a copy of the account until check-out. This will avoid confusion with incomprehensible bills to your number.

Excursion program Excursion booking excursions you can book as a representative of the company and the local firms. Larry Ellison has much to offer in this field. It's no secret that the cost of the same excursions can be very different when you buy from a company representative and a local firm. That much to choose for you. I want to emphasize only what must be interested, included in the price excursions and insurance which covers risks such insurance. For every city tour, prepare a comfortable and practical footwear, clothing and of course the water supply. Where better to buy souvenirs Nothing so clearly not reminds us of our holiday, as a photo. No less vivid memories cause us souvenirs brought back from vacation spots. They are in no way as a part of the places where we relax. Becomes even more pleasant to us from that. What we got them at a bargain price! At every hotel there are shops and souvenir shops where you can buy souvenirs, but in this case, traders traded not very positive in your favor. I recommend to allocate your vacation one night and visit the shops in the resort centers and towns. They can smoke all you want at a better price and a greater range. Bargain from the soul, but do not forget that the bargain – is not just a way to bring down the price, but and a particular type of communication that are so fond of the locals. Quality In general, most of souvenirs – a handwork of local craftsmen. There is a factory product. In the latter case is easily recognized by the best quality, but the price will be higher. If you want to buy jewelry from precious metals, I recommend to visit the shops that sell these products from factory manufacturers. The quality of their products is controlled many organs and every self-respecting company wants to ensure that its products have been on the soul as the greatest possible number of clients. Source: VCEVODNOM.COM

Beaches Service

Montenegro. Why tourists choose Montenegro? In Montenegro, the optimal combination of natural beauty (in the first place – Boca Kotorska Bay, the southernmost fjord in Europe, the National Park Skadar Lake), and cultural Attractions – many medieval fortresses and monasteries, including acting. Montenegro – dealnoe place for a budget family holiday, especially beneficial to rent apartments in the summer for a long time. Prices for accommodation, meals and entertainment – one of the mildest in Europe, even in high season. Relation to tourists from Russia are traditionally friendly and many Montenegrins, especially the older generation, speak Russian. Beaches Montenegro.

Montenegrins believe their beaches are the most environmentally friendly in the Adriatic, and in general this is true, especially if the beaches are not a lot of people. Best Beaches of Montenegro – Sveti Stefan in the (sandy) and Petrovac (pebble). Also, there are beaches, which can be accessed only by boat (for example, in Herceg Novi), there deliver tourists to the special court. Filed under: Southwest Airlines. Features accommodation in Montenegro Almost all major hotels in Montenegro were built during the communist era and kept all the features of the socialist design and service. Although in recent years the country had come a few well-known European networks. 'Star category' hotels (there are officially Category A and B), if any, on the facade of the institution – a purely relative.

The most preferred accommodation in Montenegro – apartments to rent, private mini-hotels and villas. It is recommended to rent an apartment or rooms on the ground, despite the fact that it is practiced in Montenegro over the place. Features of the service and service in Montenegro. Montenegro is known for 'discreet' service, which has its pluses and minuses. Fans recreation category '5 stars' visit to this country is not recommended. In terms of their stay in Montenegro, it is best to rely on an independent holiday in the apartment. Restaurants (in Serbian 'Konoboy') mostly small, with roughly similar set of dishes. Attention! In any case no idea of Montenegro on the latest series of 'James Bond' shooting 'Montenegro' took place in Czech Republic! Source: Euroflat. Spb. Ru – rental apartments in Montenegro