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Club Million

Madrid “Real” – the richest football club in the world. The new president of Madrid “Real” Florentino Perez began to fulfill the promises (buy Kaka for 67.2 million euros for Ronaldo and 80 million), which he recently gave the presidential elections in the club – once again a great team, worthy of the glory of “Royal Club”, which is nine (!) just won the Champions League. Where does the money the club at such tremendous cost? Most portion of the proceeds ‘Real’ provides a television contract with the company ‘Mediapro’, which paid $ 1.1 billion (!) euros for the rights to show matches “Real” for a period of seven years. Thus, the ‘Real’ in a single season earning 135 million euros only on TV broadcasts of their games, add more revenue from advertising contracts – 129 million euros. Revenues from the home matches of “Real” to “Santyagu Bernabeu” – more than 100 million euros per season (fantastic figure for Russian clubs). Despite the global financial crisis, the profits of Madrid “Real” in season 2007 – 2008 totaled 51 million euros.

In the 2008-2009 season the club budget for the first time in history, exceeded 400 million euros and operating profit 58 million euros. Budget “Real” is three times the budget of all clubs in the Russian Premier League put together. I must say not all is rosy in the financial position of “Real.” Debts “Real” in excess of 100 million euros, but they look very big on not Compared to other Spanish football clubs who have more serious financial problems. Collaborates Madrid “Real” and the largest bank in Spain and Europe – Banco Santander. Bank Banco Santander crisis has not spared too party. The volume of outstanding debts of the bank in 2008, has more than doubled – to 14.2 billion euros and operating profit in 2008 decreased by 2% – to 8.88 billion euros against 9.06 billion euros a year earlier. The bank has spent 350 million euros only for the payment of compensation to customers affected by the financial machinations of American billionaire Bernard Madoff. In general, the bank lost in the “pyramid Madoff,” over 2.3 billion euros.

But what would have been financial losses to the bank, and Soccer in Spain – is sacred! Management of the bank Banco Santander only in June 2009 provided the Madrid club a loan of 70 million euros for the acquisition of a player Manchester United and the Portuguese national team Cristiano Ronaldo. The remaining funds for the purchase of Ronaldo’s ‘Real’ isolated from the club’s budget. In addition, the “Real” bought out “Arsenal” for EUR 10 million Spanish winger Jose Antonio Reyes. Following the shopping Brazilian Kaka and Portugal Ronald, is preparing to purchase midfielder ‘Liverpool’ Xabi Alonso and striker ‘Inter’ Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Apparently, the club will have to refuse the services of nine players who played poorly last season. By the fall of 2009 , a new team of “dreams” will be created, and the season 2009 – 2010 is planned to the club, as the international season wins Madrid “Real”.

Bubiyan Island

For the task at the disposal of the army passed the tank (truck, which is the first mission unnoticed our group worked on the side of the Reds). In addition, there are two bases that could capture and hold (Bubiyan Island and Samawah). For every 5 minutes holding – 5 points. Scheme of the teams remained the same. Yaroslavl saboteurs "were nominated for the motorcycles, the rest were engaged in base" Bubiyan Island. Signal to start – run. Habitual route climb over the river, runs onto the road.

But where motorcycles? A little further in the Birch lesochke observe two motorcycles with sidecars and even a bit further is the red units. Speaking candidly Verizon Communications told us the story. Fire contact did not wait – with paint balls fell like hail. Once we got to the bikes, as I and two others withdrew from the nearest bushes, well, go "treatment", and in my case – again on the rep, because once again hit in the mask. I went just 3 minutes, but during this time because none of our motorcycle up and never made it, why should carry out the tasks for which at least give points. Gary Kellys opinions are not widely known. I moved to the "Island of Bubiyan. There is already settled the bulk of our forces. Reds also made an attempt to circumvent our position on the left, they went towards the men of "Platoon" and stopped the breakthrough. We're up to the end of this mission established in the "Island". True to the end of her red made a desperate attempt to break through to the base and capture it, but by the time the mission has ended, and they did not manage to get close.

Russian Martial Arts

Dogfight – a fight at close range when the enemy directly and next. Here are solved within a few seconds. It's only a movie Chinese artists jump, jump, hit and get hit. Real dogfight lasts long. There is not even so important a great power or a beautiful and statuesque figure.

It is more important than the spirit, inner strength. Outwardly expressionless fighter often wins over a healthy and strong opponent. Martial arts styles are many. All known Chinese Wushu, Japanese Karate, Korean Tae Kwon Do, the Soviet sambo and other martial arts. Just fight with special techniques that have not dogfight. Dogfight begins when the victory over used by the enemy and wrestling and boxing techniques, when applied to strike any part of the body and from any position.

By fighting the battle with the cold carry weapons: knives, swords, axes, shovels and other demining types of knives. Each type of martial arts can and should be taught. Ability to conduct real dogfight saved soldiers paratroopers in Afghanistan. In Chechnya, it is possible to get an edge skills in real fights. Dogfight includes striking and wrestling skills. Ability to conduct close combat in a confined space at once distinguishes the real (not showy), the master of others. Dogfight in Yaroslavl, taught at several schools. What style should be preferred? For residents of Russia are interested in all types, but there are truly our Russian style, it is called style Kadochnikova. Thirty years ago, Alexei Kadochnikov developed a new style of unarmed combat. In the training of a fighter he has invested an analytical approach to defense and attack. The entire system fits into a logical geometry of the body and the dynamics of movement. In the preparation of a fighter into account the physical data Europeans: higher growth, compared to Asians, a large mass, the presence of shoes and more. As demonstrated by the actual practice of the Russian style fighter has superiority in battle before the soldiers of other training areas. Dogfight in Yaroslavl developed in all areas of martial arts, but more attention is paid to Russian style, as the most effective of the other types of martial arts. The ability to stand up for myself, for my family, his home – an important skill any normal person.

Exporting Petroleum Countries

Exporting first ethanol Brazil and a key company to invest During the seminary on energy organized in Vienna by the Organization of Exporting Petroleum Countries (OPEC), Brazilian minister of Mines and Energa, Edison Lobao said that Brazil will increase its production of ethanol in a 150% reaching 64,000 million liters towards 2017, and transforming itself into the first world-wide exporter of ethanol, leaving to the United States in the put second. " The Brazilian ethanol production will grow 150%, happening of 25,000 million liters in 2008 to 64,000 million liters in 2017? , it indicated Lobao. Investments in energy are expected in Brazil by US$ 352,000 million, being the investment in biocombustibles a 6.5% of that total. Brazil " it contemplates investments of energy by 352,000 million dollars: 146.000 million in the area of petroleum and natural gas, 83,000 million in electrical energy and finally 23,000 million in biocombustibles" , Lobao said. " About 2017, Brazil thinks to export 8.000 million liters of ethanol, against 5,000 million in 2008, consolidating like the exporting ethanol major of mundo". At moments at which the prices of petroleum climbed until US$ 143, the biocombustibles climbed in popularity like alternative to fossil fuels. Further details can be found at Brad Garlinghouse, an internet resource.

But the voices in opposite arrived from the hand of social revolts in countries where the maize is food bases for the population like on Mexico, and many alerted that the ethanol production with maize would put in risk the use of this culture like food, besides the majors prices derived from the increasing demand. But the ethanol of Brazil does not put in risk the world-wide feeding. The country is the first ethanol producer with another culture, the sugar cane, and it does not compete with the nourishing production, since 1% are derived less than from the area cultivated total for her. For assistance, try visiting Brad Garlinghouse.


A simple definition of the term debt settlement is any term or method used in order to help an individual manage their debt. This includes services such as debt consolidation, negotiation of debts, bankruptcy, personal loans, as well as any other technique that helps consumers meet their debts. Cundo refers to negotiation of debts, used the term more commonly the term debt consolidation. The idea of consolidation of debts is as follows: an individual enters the program, and this allows that your monthly payments and interest rates decline, bringing together all your debts into a single. Then once a month each individual make a monthly payment to the consolidating company who undertakes to pay to the different banking entities where the person owes money. The theory behind this is that the customer pays less interest rates while simplifying payment processes, since you must not pay you but to a company. However the consolidation also has its cons. Normally the program lasts for 5 years, and even when the person is paying interest rates lower, the long duration of the programme means that the customer pays a great deal of interest throughout the program.

Consolidation companies also charge a monthly Commission of $30-$50 totaling and increases in time. And the problem most large is the quality of some consolidation companies, a large number of companies without scruples that do not meet the promises that make its customers. Finally the participation in these programmes can have negative effects on your credit score that can not be repaired until the program is complete. Another way of very popular debt elimination is debt settlement option. This practice involves negotiating and reaching an agreement with the credit companies. Many times lenders accept receiving 40-50% of the value of the debt to eliminate it. This option can also have problems if it is with companies eliminating debts to unscrupulous While they charge commissions very high gain ill-treatment and produce little.

How debt consolidation can also affect your credit score, but as this program only lasts 2 to 3 years it can be rebuilt more quickly. Debt negotiation can be a very effective way to put an end to their problems, when individuals choose either company they want to work. There are numerous methods included in the definition of negotiation or elimination of debts, which include declaring bankruptcy, refinances mortgages, purchase a loan of consolidation, etc. But the aspect most important to remember is put in a balance the advantages and disadvantages of each option very well. Be sure to choose a program and a company that fits your needs and meet your expectations. Scott Wallitsch is certified by the IAPDA as debt negotiator for DebtorSolution. He provides advice on Elimination of debt and negotiation of Deudas(Debt Settlement) people who are seeking to become financially and economically independent.