Monterrey N.L.-the single-rate tax is not new. Its implementation in the emerging economies of the old Soviet bloc behind their use by encouraging the contribution of taxes for development and discouraging tax evasion. That is the objective of the Secretary of Hacienda Agustin Carstens, Chicago Boy by excellence and former Deputy Director of the International Monetary Fund. It is obvious that Carstens has strong influence of the IMF and the University of Chicago. A recent study by the financial body said that single-rate tax has managed to reduce tax evasion and has elevated the collection, in a virtuous circle for public investment in Russia.

Countries that have successfully implemented this new tax, in addition to Russia that adopted him since 2001, are Slovakia, Romania, Georgia, Estonia, Latvia, Serbia and Ukraine and Poland and the Czech Republic will soon it. For its part, Richard Epstein, Professor of law of the University of Chicago, where he studied our Secretary of the Treasury points out that it is not no coincidence that the great defenders of limited Government lean toward single-rate tax. Liberal capitalism may be recalled it rests on three torales bases as the limited Government – by the Constitution, the free market and private institutions strong, generating of wealth. Another of the advantages of the tax initiative of Carstens is attack the tax evasion of the informal economy by taxing monthly deposits exceeding the 20 thousand pesos – added in various accounts or a single-. This simple measure will increase tax revenues in a country where the majority of the economically active population and by his account, jumps the duty to contribute to our country. Many are financed with own taxes and others simply cannot pay.

As we can see, master Carstens extruded sleeve this new proposal that has already proven to be good in emerging economies as the Russia and left behind the recommendation of the IMF itself from taxing food and medicines which, by the way, the private sector of Mexico complains. The call of the Republic is to pay tax to deter evasion and thus invest in Mexico. Now we need Government to slim and leave behind, wasteful spending as interest payments to the banks by the great robbery of the Fobaproa. The discussion about the bad call petty cash tax reform – the respectable expected something more spectacular – will take weeks. It is a fact that for September 8, date to debate public spending for 2008, ready the opinion to put to members for consideration. If you look, dear reader, are a few days that end June, the discussion would be in August and September, later than in October, will have a green light to the proposal and the 2008 spending. No wait for the last day of December to get written laws on the knees that has no benefits us in this country. Times are in line to support the Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador teatrito July 2 that will begin to insult and rant for getting tired and tired until the end of the same month. The wearer does know You which is the Forum? asks North citizens who answered with a 70 percent that don’t. But if they have three years criticizing the event and neither so they have managed to spread it!