The current market situation BMZ (fast-building) follows from the crisis of 2008-2009. It has negatively affected the economic situation in the country as a whole and as a result, the construction market. Work on the set of sites were temporarily suspended, the majority of frozen indefinitely. This situation has also negatively affected the industry's BMP, which is rapidly gaining momentum before the crisis. This technology has been distributed to Builders Warehouse, logistics, industrial and shopping complexes. The peak of the market falls in 2008, when technology BMZ were built hundreds of objects. The popularity of this method of construction associated with high-speed assembly, ample opportunities of redevelopment, the strength of buildings, their reliability and durability.

2009 was the crisis also according to the experts "Arsenal Center. According to our data, the decline in industry BMZ was about 40%. Last year witnessed the gradual revival of the market. For Arsenal in 2010 was more successful than the previous one. Production volumes increased by 30%, while growth market amounted to no more than 10-12%.

Industry Group Arsenal produces corrugated board, sandwich panel, siding and evrofasady, which are basic materials in the construction of BMZ. Construction sites using this technology in the last year has intensified due to the construction of storage facilities. Funding for these facilities was carried out by private developers, and attract investment. Budgetary financing facilities BMZ in 2010, almost was not. On the Ukrainian market in 2008 was a lot of operators who provide services for the construction of fast-buildings.