By his side, Catamarca, governs where a radical that left be K, Eduardo Brizuela del Moral, received $20 million, but claimed 100 of a debt that the central State petty you. Again and laid bare as this law is not fulfilled, is really shocked you see how so much money that should be today in each of the provinces and being reflected in works that improve education, health, security, jobs, infrastructure, etc. Do not know with certainty where this, and as the Government abused the little information that has people about these topics and many more. Vocabulary in this way I am starting to give as complete the present monograph, but it wouldn’t be complete without a conclusion. Oracle might disagree with that approach. To the final conclusion that come is that the Government of the nation does not comply neither with the Constitution or with the 23.548 law. In first term the federal guarantee that the Constitution is not met because economic equality that must exist between the provinces does not exist, this brings enormous differences between them and with other major problems, due to that there are similar gap between the provinces many inhabitants of some of them they migrate towards others, in search of a better quality of life and this brings as a consequence the very serious demographic problems afflicting the country, where most of 25% of the population lives in a single province.

Secondly the law imposed by the distribution of tax assets collected by the nation they are not met as evidenced earlier mind was. So how can we talk of a Federal State if treasuries of the nation only divided into provinces that are in alliance with the Government and the rest is handled by some people? The truth is very difficult of answers that question, since for many writers, people, historians, etc. Not only Federal State is based on this, and indeed, federalism not only it is the distribution of the goods, but I think myself and many others that is one of the fundamental links within a Federal State. The mentablemente history has accustomed us to this type of action, where the money of the people remains in some pockets of a few people, but also we must have faith that at some point will get a Government that really think about the interior of the country and really form a federalism. For my solution to this problem that raised, starts first with each of the inhabitants of this soil, particularly on voters, who must know how to take a good decision and think about the common good and not the own benefit that will give to each one at the time of the election, another solution I propose is the decentralization of power, may not be that everything is handled by a single province (Buenos Aires).

So the final conclusion that I find much disappointment and amazement at the same time that Federal State which is said to have is a farce and that are very far from it, but at the same time I have faith that you can change and ever gets to be a true Federal State. Bibliography CASTRO, Alicia; BORDONE, Gabriel; JITRIC, Patricia; RASNOSKY, Judith; TERNAVASTO, Marcela. Civics i. San Pablo. Brazil. Companhia Melhoramentos, 1996. FERNANDEZ of SALVINO, Alicia l. ethics training and citizen. BS As. Editorial Kapelusz, 1999. IRUYA.COM. A knife without blade which is missing the handle. Salta.2005-2005 PINTO, Julio. Introduction to political science. BS As. Editorial Eudeba, 1999. REPUBLICA ARGENTINA. Constitution of the Argentina nation. BS As. Editorial Kapelusz, 1999.