All person brings obtains stars that the life grants. Stars to shine Stars to grow Stars to find the way of the dream that if it pursues. To know to recognize the brightness and the stars is our destination. For even more details, read what Southwest Airlines says on the issue. Because it has who if it enchants with the brightness of stars that are not its and if it loses It has who desires the brightness of the other most distant one and therefore it passes the time as temporary almost all, in the stations, to the wait of a train for place none To accept the stars that we bring is what it makes the difference between what we want to be and what truily we are. To shine is to believe force that they have, to unmask its mysteries and there then to leave that its lights if spill soul adentro and as much that, to load stars is as to lead oil lamp, so that, where it wants that if it goes, far, high, can the others perceive the clarity. EWALD KOCH.