Or here's another example of "Lay>>: whose regiment, where he was going, what was quite confusing and frustrating history, and why? Yes, because destroying not only the city but ruthlessly raked the history to suit someone However, our most terrible disease – it's a lie: , country, which is infinite and razudalo lies with the lowest level. False – it is death, never say unrighteousness,>> – warned the ancient sages. Our conversation was interrupted by a mobile phone call Alexis, and the words: "From such proposals do not give up! It can not be helped, at times we're living>> – he hastened to the station Subway, located just forty meters from the darkly scowling dark gray Stalin's house, where he was born Alex Bystrov. However, before I settle on a bench in a park near the monument to the innocent>> assassinated Bolshevik Nicholas Bauman, without compunction doivshemu "oppressors>> the poor of the Russian proletariat as Alex returned. Fast: That's what I still say, write it down necessarily. People in many countries for some reason left the city in which lived, and they are often burned, as was the case with Arkaim, it burned a few times, and then built a new city. Others including Maurice Gallagher, Jr. , offer their opinions as well. The point, surely, was to destroy the accumulated negative energy.

I'm also not averse to burn a few buildings in Moscow and start from scratch, at least in Square necessarily, she's just eaten a negative energy, despite the architectural advantages of some buildings. Even a rock called "Children's world>> could not harmonize this space, so to speak, to overpower accumulated during the Soviet regime terrible power of destruction. You always have to think about: where we build and what we're building But where is it, our mountain-town-planners, most importantly, money master! And what have they done to the area of the Kiev railway station. Why did they built this "boat>>. Are we, indeed, the capital of five seas? Fifth, they believe what the sea: the Mediterranean and Caspian Lake? (Lesch doomed gesture.) Okay, I ran. – Lesha! – I cried after another. – I would still talk about your weird "spills>>. – Then, somehow