Pforzheim, July 2012 AIV is new partner of by Herbert Richter GmbH & co. KG and brand is MEDIA SATRUN markets with the premium iGrip from the 3rd quarter of 2012 equip and supply. Pforzheim, July 2012 – AIV is the new partner of the manufacturer Herbert Richter GmbH & co. KG and will mark iGrip Q3 2012 equip Mediamarkt SATURN with the premium and supply. HR (Herbert Richter GmbH & co. KG) is the leading manufacturer of universal and model specific mounting systems for Smartphones (such as iPhone), mobile phones, navigation devices and Tablet PCs (E.g. iPad) for the car, motorbike and bicycle.

IGrip under the brand name”innovative products offered, the highest quality, functionality and innovative design MADE IN GERMANY” stand out. Markets take care of AIV is iGrip as distribution partner the premium brand”for all MEDIA and SATURN. We are pleased with AIV GmbH & co. KG accessories specialists in the areas of car, mobile, and home as a partner for our premium brand iGrip to have won. “” By the Assembly of the Saturn and media markets another important step we make our brand iGrip “to increase awareness”, says Harald Richter, CEO HR (Herbert Richter GmbH & co. KG). First and foremost, the persons is addressed, which would accommodate its high-quality device elegantly and safely in the vehicle and use.

In this product range, we have placed very high value on appealing, multilingual product packaging, virtually take over a self explanatory function at the point of sale”said Harald Richter, CEO of HR (Herbert Richter GmbH & co. KG) HR (Herbert Richter GmbH & co. KG) HR (Herbert Richter GmbH & co. KG) is the leading manufacturer of fastening systems for electronic equipment in the vehicle. As a supplier of the first hour, develops and manufactures Herbert Richter for the mobile navigation industry and for many cell phone manufacturers fixing systems for their devices. HR (Herbert Richter) products are also worldwide shop systems leading carrier (operator) and Retailer offered. As a globally recognized, innovative driving force in design & functionality, the company HR (Herbert Richter GmbH & co. KG) is universal car accessories, storage and mounting systems for more than fifty years. At the site in Pforzheim, m of production and warehouse space quality products MADE IN GERMANY are over 40,000 m”designed and manufactured. HR (Herbert Richter GmbH & co. KG) provides premium brand iGrip”as a partner of RIM (research in motion) type-specific fastening systems for the built for BlackBerry’ program at. There is a solution for almost every BlackBerry. An active vehicle docking station is used for all iPhones (with or without protective sleeve) under the “made for iPhone” program offered. Herbert Richter is an official licensee of Apple Inc.. AIV GmbH & co. KG is the accessory specialist and sales professional in the fields of navigation, GSM, and new media. The range of car accessories is the root of the company for more than 35 years, and the base of the AIV. AIV is at MSH for many years a recognized partner and exclusive ranges. IGrip is the ideal complement of the portfolio of the company of AIV, staffed with a dedicated sales force in retail stores like Media Markt and Saturn.