In the Vineyard of the Lord is fat, skinny, tall, ponies, brown, white and so on. A sneeze frequently and go to soccer, others are sentimental to the divine button, some know they were born without relatives, others have sons and nephews in bulk, some traveling with his eyes open and some even sleep walking, some are memory and other very funny. At the moment of truth, these individuals know that the appointment with death is inescapable: the cautious are prepared and awaiting the unsuspecting surprise. There are, however, a category that breaks loose from any list. These are the a desaparecidosa , those who do not come any night to dinner and lost without a trace. The only food of a desaparecidoa is the hope of returning home, to recognize an old gate, the garden lost in the shadows, the familiar sounds, a scent that has nothing to do with dreams woven by ghosts. Or those who think they own lives and fantasies of others.

But also a desaparecidoa means, ultimately, it is useless to the illusion of returning to caress the hair of the wife or the child's face. All have grown so dependent on his absence, they see it as an inhabitant of the regions that life and death have not been able to play. Because a desaparecidoa is this: a being superior to death, because no one dares say that he has seen die a "less than it has done away with, and is beyond life, because no breakfast with anyone but whistling in the dark as a romantic who wants the light to others. No regime has sought to recruit him hateful to plant bombs, no democracy has ever returned her profile of a man who votes without being seen. (Not for nothing on a census conducted in Argentina, the relatives of the thirty thousand disappeared during the military dictatorship's 1976/1983 registered as members of their households, but take no longer limited to coffee and stay in the memory of his as extranisimos deceased).

A candidate a desaparecidoa is not traded or surrendered, something fatal in all circumstances. Especially when capitulate and compromise are norms imposed by the patriotic duty. As early as a desaparecidoa , is the truly human reworked rules erased their executioners. For with his death removed the forces that prevent it from perpetuating its image among the many images of a community. That's nothing. A a desaparecidoa is returning to sing the songs of his era through his heirs, when they authorized the censorship that long ago lost in the forest of their own ghosts. And why wonder, then, that those who have done away with as many a desaparecidosa fear the courts believed that until recently non-existent? Not at all surprising: the a desaparecidosa are what give meaning to democracy when the joker abuse of freedom.