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Human Consciousness

Human consciousness and perception – two great mysteries, which are still not solved and is unlikely in the near future, given the bone approach of science to the unknown, will be solved. Gary Kelly s opinions are not widely known. But something feels, and that something may have benefit. Camden Treatment Associates might disagree with that approach. The question arises as to why the same situation different people perceive differently? Why does a person with low self-esteem will perceive spoken quite differently than the same words are absolutely confident person? Hearing there is clearly nothing in common. Why would someone sees past, some future? Vision there is also nothing in common. Remember the state of love, when the rational mind calms down, around the world simply is changing, becoming something quite different. But the vision and hearing, unless checked by doctors, remained on the same physical level. Try to understand. In this case we must assume that man is not only his physical body and his rational mind, but something more (so it can be understood make the simple technique).

At a minimum, yet his consciousness and his perception. I see consciousness in the form of two cones connected by their vertices. With a small passage, as in the hourglass.

Team Building – Corporate Culture

“Do you think that it would be interesting for your employees? To be entertained, or that they themselves were active? “- The question was asked in his sociological study. “Perhaps, to ourselves …” – said almost all. Competent management of corporate culture has a very positive impact on the company’s business. Qualitative organization and holding high-level corporate events, based on relevance to the company goal – a great way to work with the staff and the strategic development of the company. Depending on the goals of the company, well-organized festival promotes team building, improve the microclimate, overcoming stress associated with professional activities, etc.

Birthday of the company, annual leave, the New Year, March 8, Valentines Day, February 23, Birthday General Manager and many other festive and cute dates you can make the most of interesting and usefully. Train fun! Create your event depending on the specifics of your business, the characteristics of corporate culture, as well as on the goals you like to achieve. What will be done? The fact that you order! Role play. Tactical and strategic games. Scene game. Command and adventure. Game-trip. The classic version of training on teambuilding. Who will do it? Coaches; Lead; Consultants; Artists (musicians, actors) Masters of role-playing games; Animators. How will it be done? So, as you order! Morning, evening, weekends or weekdays, 4:00 or three days, outdoors or indoors, only the “fun” or elements of the training sessions, which is exclusively or economically … The event is REALLY remember you!