A friend has asked Me who contributes to the writing of the technical documentation to enclose it to the supply that chooses to a licitation of consulting services in re-engineering of processes, of a municipal company. Although I have been promotional and receiving of civil work licitations and know all the protocol, I have never collaborated in composing, presenting/displaying and to choose to a licitation, reason why I am thankful for the opportunity to participate in this work. However, in view of the slow reading of the sheet of conditions and the mandatory calls to those contacts of my networking that can advise, me has arisen uncertainties balanced about all the process, having generated to me a sadness and defenselessness feeling. I want to be by optimistic nature, reason why I avoid the impossible word and I say friend to him who is going to be very difficult. Facebook will not settle for partial explanations. Technically I believe that we fully give to the stature in questions of re-engineering of processes and continuous improvement. We have an equipment of colaboradores/as that has experience in this type of work. Also, the communities of professionals in whom we participated are going to us to nourish of those other profiles that are necessary to ahead remove this type from projects. On the other hand, the company that is going to bid has expanded experience in collaboration with the local administration in consulting services. Finally, as I do not have grandmother, I will say that from 1998 I have struggled direct and indirectly with this type of enterprise objectives and I feel very comfortable with these challenges. Nevertheless, I read and I read the technical sheet of clauses – administrative and collection as if the document sent a comedian-tragic message to me, but I do not have powers paranormal, reason why we will remain without deciphering it.