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Middle East Systems

However, since 1931, when it was invented safe for the human body, the refrigerant Freon, the designers felt it best to collect all the units and sets air-conditioner in one case. So appeared the first window air conditioners, the distant descendants of which are successful in our day. Moreover, in the U.S., Latin America, the Middle East and India, window air conditioners are still the most popular type. Reasons for their success are obvious: they are about half the price of similar capacity split systems and their installation requires no special skills or expensive tools. Long time leaders in the latest developments ventilation and air conditioning were American companies. But in the late 50's and early 60's initiative is strongly shifted to the Japanese. Later they identified the face of modern industry climate. In 1958, Japanese , Daikin has developed the first heat pump, thus, by teaching air conditioners run on heat.

Three years later, began mass production of split systems. Since 1961, when the Japanese Toshiba company first launched in a batch production of air conditioner, split into two blocks, the popularity of this type of hvac equipment is constantly growing. Due to the fact that the most noisy part of the air conditioner compressor is now put to the street, in rooms are equipped with split-system is much quieter than in rooms where work window air conditioners. The second big plus is the ability to place the indoor unit split systems in any convenient location. Now available many different types of internal devices: Wall, Ceiling, floor and recessed in the ceiling, and duct tape.

It is important not only in terms of design – different types of indoor units can to create the most optimal distribution of cooling air in the premises of some form and function. In 1969, Daikin Air Conditioning released, in which a single external power to work more than one internal. So there were multi-split-system. Today they can include from two to six internal units of different types. In 1981, Toshiba has offered the first split-system that can smoothly adjust its production capacity, and already in 1998 Inverters year took 95% of the Japanese market. The last of the world's most popular types of air conditioners-VRV-system have been proposed by Daikin in 1982. Central intelligence systems such as vrv consist of external and internal blocks that can be removed from each other at 100 meters, with 50 of them vertically. Installation of VRV-systems is quite simple and does not take much time. Installation can even lead after finishing work, and in acute necessary – without interrupting your office. Chance and phased commissioning of new capacities, with separate floors or buildings. Through a variety of unique advantages vrv system was a serious competitor to traditional central air conditioning systems and, in some countries such as Japan, virtually forced them off the market. Of course, this progress in the development of hvac equipment is not over, but now has improved existing types of equipment. There are new features, design changes, development of new refrigerants.

Seal Retaining Ring

On one side of the case there is a thread (1 / 4, 3 / 8 inch), which is fitting screwed into the body what a filtration stage, but on the other side is a hole for the tube with pre-established there and seal retaining ring. Unlike the tube, where everything is clear, john guest fittings are manufactured different shapes (straight, angular, all kinds of tees, etc.). Depending on the situation and tasks can be applied more fittings suitable for construction. Now directly on the assembly process. Note that for the work you do not need any special tools, and even respected women who already have things more important than this nonsense if they understand simple principle that can easily to assemble such a eyeliner.

Step 1. With a sharp knife, make a cross-section of necessary piece of the tube. End of the tube should be smooth, undeformed, burr-free. Step 2. Carefully insert the end of the tube fitting into the hole and push it all the way in inside.

Step 3. In order to check the quality of the connection john guest, pull the tube back. If done correctly, the teeth of the locking ring does not allow you to pull the tube back. Congratulations! You are just three steps, quickly and accurately perform work for which our fathers and grandfathers would have spent considerably more time and effort. In addition to the skill of connection you need to know how these things to separate in this case lies the most crafty raisin producer. As already it has become clear, simple pulling of the tube has nothing to fail. All that is required – to squeeze the snap ring to the fitting body and pull up. In this position, the locking ring teeth are weakened and what seemed to this impossible, is carried out without problems. It is important to add that if the disengagement of the tube and fitting inside the filter should not maintain pressure, otherwise the tube can not be pulled out of the compound. So, figuring not many in particular, which includes a plastic liner john guest, you can safely carry out work on the assembly and connection of domestic filter with separate faucet. Good luck. (Full article with illustrations on the site)