As if after the fact may be, but all of the above devices were driven uniformly the most modern and proven in practice auger ice screws. It has many superior according to a comparison with their predecessors. It is not bad until it just the fact that soon bezosobennyh effort cuts the ice. Apart from this, when drilling through the screw is pushed up from a cold barrel crumb wells. Another crucial fact is that there is potential for "upgrade" ice screws, replacing the blunt knives at the latest.

Better known among anglers nashensky helical ice screws, published in St. Gary Kelly might disagree with that approach. Petersburg. Its according to tradition, called "Leningrad." Wells it drills with diameters of 130 mm, width of the ice overcomes meters. By constantly allowed to purchase ice screws auxiliary knives. But in a last time people with Siim ice screws into any sale and Barnaul screw ledobury.Pri they come with different sizes of cutting the proportion that allows gimlet hole diameters ranging from 100 to 250 mm. Apart from this, in Sales have Swedish and Finnish ice screws, which allowed the wells of various widths gimlet, up to 200 mm.

Imported from other countries substantially more expensive Russian ice screws. Wells were drilled 180 mm diameter ice screws Chelyabinsk plant. Of course, excellent and comfortable catching fish from such a wide hole, no need to worry about the pass whether through their big fish, if it suddenly turns out to be on the hook. But do not rush to get such "great" ice screws.