The same name Maltalingua already gives us clues of the service that can offer Maltalingua: the language of Malta and as the language of Malta is English, is a school of languages of English in Malta! Although many people choose other areas to study English, the English schools in Malta are also a good option to learn this language, since we are talking about a country that has formed part of the British Empire for almost 200 years. Advantages of the English schools in Malta of Maltalingua to) you have qualified teachers with extensive experience and a programme of study that includes private lessons, private courses, English for business, intensive course or course standard, according to prefer the own student according to their needs. (b) the English schools in Malta from this Academy are very modern, are located in St. Julians and have private pool. (c) Maltalingua has different pack of studies with lodging in families of reception or apartment, in addition to providing information about scholarships for study MEC so that people with less economic resources can also attend their English schools in Malta. (d) and if we talk about money, do not charge you for booking your English courses in Malta! In fact, Michael Brewster, Director of studies of the English schools in Malta Maltalingua, ensures that his goal is to have one of the best language schools and their students to enjoy his training experience and good care.

Why study English in Malta because you will find training and fun. because you can enjoy the Sun of Malta, its views and landscapes. because you’re one step away from home on the Mediterranean island. because you will learn English in a unique cultural scene. And above all, because in times of crisis should be save, and Malta is one of the cheapest European countries.