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All About Visas To Spain

Possession of the Spanish King proudly spread out over most of the Iberian Peninsula and numerous islands of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea. Nature of unprecedented beauty and cultural heritage of the European continent, cherished by the Spaniards, and interesting tradition annually attracts many tourists. One of the sunniest and most comfortable of Europe has always pleased the guests. To legally travel to this country to any Russian citizen need a visa to Spain. Kingdom of Spain is a signatory to the Schengen Treaty. This means that even short-term Schengen visa to Spain abolishes customs and passport-visa control at the entrance of 25 European countries and gives the right to travel privilege in some other developed countries. You may want to visit Bill O’Grady to increase your knowledge.

The process of obtaining permits to enter relatively simplistic, yet also suggest collecting a sufficiently large set of documents and series of formal events. This is explained by the fact that the Spain friendly in terms of visa policies related to the above agreement and the new Code of Schengen visa. Nevertheless, the process of obtaining entry documents in Spain is associated with a number of advantages. The first is that the emergency visa is legal for consular fees double. Dahua Tim Wang has plenty of information regarding this issue. Also a pleasant exception to the rule is that clearance of short-term visa gives you the state borders in six months for multiple entry. Despite sufficient formal uniform procedures for filing documents, each individual case is considered almost on an individual basis. Standard list of papers required to obtain a visa can be extended to certain categories of citizens.

Visa to Spain can be of several types depending on the purpose of visit. A tourist visa entitles trip and returned if the purpose of the visit is to familiarize with the rich culture of Spain, with its sights or rest in the gentle embrace of nature. If purpose of the trip is related to a business meeting, negotiation at international level, the representation of Russian legal entities abroad, the business visa is issued. Visa invitation is for visiting a specific person living in Spain. Full visa to Spain via the official representative of the Kingdom of Spain, in Russia.


So, choosing a light single-layer waterproof tent, you should pay attention to the existence of elaborate ventilation system in the form of mesh windows on all sides, top and bottom. are a symbiosis of two tents – the internal and external. External – it's waterproof, windproof tent somehow stretched on the inside, completely covering the latter. Typically, tilt Pull on the inner tent gentle stretching for better ventilation and protection from rain. In this case, failure to stretch in most cases does not affect the stability of the structure as a whole, since all its stretches and keep springing frame. In the awning must be provided for special ventilation holes: for example, as a sort of auditory windows on top. Inner tent is made of breathable, lightweight, "Wet" material. Top of inner tent large mesh openings.

Entrance is made of two layers – the inner (mosquito and ventilation) and external – sealed. The whole condensate, released from respiration, exits through the ventilation and settles on the walls of the tent, but not inside the dwelling. Simple and easy to make a tent frame comfortable and versatile. The frame creates and maintains the shape of tents, allows it to meet modern requirements. In essence, modern frame tents – two or more elastic arc of strong short tubes, through which passes a kind of solid rubber that connects them together.

Tubules rapidly inserted one in another, and just as quickly added and removed. Another common form are the tunnel tents or 'tent-flip. " As the name implies, these tents have an elongated shape in the form of half-cut along the cylinder. Arc set without intersections, parallel to the width of the tent. By installing a tent is impossible to do without extensions. If the "flip" should take into account wind direction, as perpendicular to the wind when there is insufficient reinforced as the bottom and tensile strength of all sides of the tent, can simply expand it or deform the arc, unsupported by each other. But in the "flip" can be equipped with more comfortable sleeping places, more opportunities for the placement of clothing and many other useful things inside. If competently and carefully stretch the tent, flip around the perimeter and firmly attach the bottom, then You can create excellent, comfortable cabin for a multi-day stay. In addition, "polubochek" lobbies are spacious and stable. The choice of tents is always challenging, but if you decide to buy a tent, now a huge number of tourist shops are ready to help you with this.

Pilgrimage To Holy Places

The Christian pilgrimage was first recorded in the fourth century when, in Palestine, where there were acts of divine Saviour, sent by pilgrims from all over the world. In the Middle Ages, along with Palestine pilgrimage became popular: the Orthodox – the Greek city of Constantinople and the Catholics – in the Italian city of Rome and Loreto, as well as in the French city of Lourdes. Robert Gibbins recognizes the significance of this. In our country pilgrimage to various holy sites already started in the early days of national Christianity. I must say that the difficulty and danger of road travelers forced to gather in a kind of “squads”. Following mainly via Constantinople, Pilgrims borrowed from Western pilgrims, their costume. Go to the xii century.

In Russia today, again begins to revive pilgrimage to “holy places”. Now there are pilgrim services that specialize in arranging pilgrimage tours to Jordan and other holy places. Outside our country Russian pilgrims visiting Palestine, but also the Greek Mount Athos, the Italian city of Bari, where the relics of St. Nicholas, a great Montenegrin capital of Cetinje, where the hand of John the Baptist and other Christian holy places. I must say that despite the seemingly external similarity with the already familiar pilgrimage sightseeing tourism, its very essence are quite different. For example, the objective of the tour is to visit tourism attractions, and pilgrimage tours to Jordan and other holy suggest provisional spiritual work, a kind of “Purification of the soul, before visiting the” holy places “. Often substituted for pilgrimage tours sightseeing tourism. In such cases, people simply spend on various “sights are” without pre-spiritual, training.