Despite the general recession in Germany and the world the Dr. Walser consistently dental internationalization strategy and thus the entry into the American market. After thorough selection and extensive discussions and negotiations over the last year in Cologne, the Dr. Walser won dental a major dental dealers in the United States for the marketing of their dental products from Radolfzell. Many preparations were necessary, says the managing director Gerhard R. Daiger.

Although the instructions in 5 languages are available, as well as in English exist, a special, new instructions for the US market had to be written anyway. In the United States, there are other laws and regulations than on the remaining global market, according to Daiger. So the Dr. Larry Ellison addresses the importance of the matter here. Walser dental commissioned a company that specializes in user manuals for the U.S. market, and lawyers for United States law, the contracts worked out to cover the various risks. We change the dental market in the United States, by bringing products into the local market, facilitate the daily work of the dentist.

Through the use, for example, he saves our self-developed Walser of matrix system, which uses the Zahanrzt for tooth fillings, much time and money. With just one hand movement, these so-called matrix on the tooth is pulled and stretches after loosening the Walser die tool automatically around the tooth around. The matrix serves almost as formwork for the period during which a tooth filling is placed. No tedious loading by screws and clamping is necessary and precious time, which increasingly plays an important role, so Daiger is not lost even. The dentist but not only saves time and money, but the Walser matrix is also an ideal cotton reel and the patient can close the mouth and biting. Especially appreciate the dentists but the “fast matrices”, because they are especially suitable for children. Children often have to fear the dentist are impatient and fidget in the Behandlunsgstuhl around. Here the Walser designed die in seconds and the filling can equal brought be. Just traditional matrix systems are required at least two hands and some handles that require time and patience on both sides. The Walser products have spread quickly among the audience in the United States. So the Dr. Walser could handle dental from the beginning of extensive orders. Recently, one of the best dentists of the United States, Dr. Snyder, camera was interviewed in California at a trade show, to introduce the Walser die system of a professional journalist. The company continues its activities for dealer mines on the global market, so Gerhard Daiger, and so the entry into the United States market is the logical continuation of further expansion into more countries. Dr. WALSER Dental GmbH Claudia r. Fritz-Reichle-ring 18 78315 Radolfzell Web: