These roles are the reason why the King ascends to Haman, instead of Mordechai. If I want to acquire the altruistic tendency and unite with the creator, we have to start by realizing the trap which for us means selfishness. In other words, the substance of all creation – all of us including – is the desire to receive pleasure. Therefore, if we wish to make a change toward altruism is essential to realize that selfishness is bad for us, and as a result, wanting to change it. How does this happen? Haman (selfishness) putting a trap that can not resist to expose their true nature to its ultimate consequences. It is more and more power until you can not resist the temptation when asked, must be given to a man to whom the King wishes to honor?, and bites the bait. If there’s someone the King wants to whom honor, which bring a real garment used by the King and a horse that he has assembled, and a Royal Crown to put on the head of the horse. Then they delivered the upholstery and the horse to a high dignitary of the real nobility, they will dress the man whom the King wants to honor and guys on horseback down the main street of the city, proclaiming in front of him: so the man whom the King wishes to honor is treated. In the heart of the book of Ester lies the deeper principle of how to acquire spirituality: to discover the creator, get ready for first discovering yourself, since the creation of which we are all part, is made up of one thing: the desire to receive pleasure, while the creator, on the opposite end of the scaleIt is the desire to give. If we discuss the relationship of the creator with the created as if were a common relationship between two people would see that they have nothing in common and that they are so opposite until that which one loves is hated by the other and vice versa.