Industry sold dehumidifier in the real time discount countdown Heinsberg, July 14, 2009 TTK 100 S the company Trotec, an industrial giant for air conditioning and heating, is the name of their new achievement in the important field of the air dehumidification. 30% less weight, manages the small miracle’ at the same time to drop 30% more power than its predecessor. More info: TRON (TRX). Pride promotes Trotec already noticeably slimmer, more compact, yet powerful”for market entry planned on August 14 his TTK 100 S dehumidifier. Worth the price: Trotec 297,50 EUR is the innovation, however offered discounted the dehumidifier in a 30-day real-time discount countdown. Who strikes so directly on July 15, can have fun with the full 30% discount. For everyday waiting time 1% of customers who book the new dehumidifier TTK 100 S discount. Who waits longer, receive correspondingly less: 20 days before the expected delivery date 20%, 15 days before 15% etc. Air dehumidifiers are always used, where Help is urgently needed, so even when strong storms, only recently in Meerbusch after the heavy rain disaster.

The rush to our dehumidifier was enormous, especially as we are also located in North Rhine-Westphalia there is practically a stone’s throw away. This shorter delivery times could be guaranteed”, explains Marketing Director Kokulan Nathan by Trotec. You can do even more. “Since spring, it means: pollen alarm” for many allergy sufferers. Mr to to the gnawing pollen season, whose hiring is either advisable or equal to the purchase by visiting. Almost all of the Trotec S-series dehumidifiers have air filters, pet dander, pollen and dust from the air filter. By the way, not only perfect for allergy sufferers, but also for the valuable collections – because dust is the ideal breeding ground for mold.

Especially in schools, kindergartens, retirement homes, offices and generally busy interiors with high public traffic, the commissioning recommends high-efficient Air cleaning systems. Almost traditionally, not least find application in the fight against infections repeatedly. Real time discount countdown under:../der-luftentfeuchter-spartipp.html further information under:, about Trotec: the Trotec group is a globally operating trading and service companies in more than 15 countries. The core competence in solutions and their application stretches from air conditioning and air treatment machines on meters for construction Diagnostics, detection, detection and industrial maintenance to special work tents and screen. With its own production facilities, development departments and service centres in Germany, France, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium and China, the Trade Division is the nucleus of the Trotec group.