Spiritual experiences are not observable or measurable as other behaviors. You may find that Larry Ellison can contribute to your knowledge. Dominant models of psychology require this to be objective, that is totally focused on phenomena that can be observed and verified externally. What is special and important transpersonal phenomena is not what can be seen on the outside but on the meaning for the individual. When considering only the external manifestations of behavior may seem silly or irrelevant. 2. You can not turn easily or manipulated in experimental research paradigms. The dominant scientific psychology also requires that hypotheses be tested in controlled research studies.

Most transpersonal experiences can not be subject to laboratory conditions. 3. There are normal, ie not part of the common experiences that most people experience most of the time and still is the trend in the psychology of unusual experiences categorized as less than desirable. The more people are open to the values and possibilities of these states seem to be easier to experience. 4. They do not fit within the focus of modern psychology in the rational, individual, linear, instrumental and West. Most of Western philosophy and virtually all his psychology has been conceived in the Cartesian dualism.

Maybe if the mainstream of psychology goes one step beyond cultural limitations and embrace multicultural sources of wisdom, this emphasis would change. 5. They are difficult to describe in our language. In Sanskrit there are at least six different words are translated as “consciousness” into English. The limitations of our language makes it difficult to distinguish different states of consciousness, especially those related to higher states of consciousness. The rejection of spiritual experiences is related to the process of rationalization in modern culture. The impact includes the creation of hierarchical social structures, the oppression of women and people of color, the domain (as a result of degradation) of nature, the repression of sexuality, and operating an economic system like capitalism. The rationalization eventually limit our acceptance of intuition, mysticism and spirituality. Increasing rationalization and intellectualize is a decisive result. With the progress of science and technology, we have lost the sense of prophecy, and especially the sense of sacred.

The reality has become grim, drab and utilitarian. What is needed is not action but the way, the feeling of belonging to a unified world, spiritually vibrant and rhythmic. Materialistic science has developed effective means to alleviate the suffering by providing psychological and psychopharmacological people who have difficulties adjusting to the complex existence leading man, but has done little to achieve a true inner realization and emotional satisfaction. Most material opulence associated with increased psychological disorders, alcoholism and violence. But the perennial philosophy for its part, offers a rich array of spiritual techniques through which you can know and experience the divinity itself and free from suffering. However, provided deliverance to a chosen few, but has failed to solve urgent practical problems of everyday life or improve the external conditions of human life. In summary transpersonal psychology considers issues such as Wikipedia notes: the peak experiences (which, according to the American psychologist Abraham Maslow (1908-1970) – are states of interconnection and spiritual unification) mystical experiences and metaphysical experiences trances systemic While life paths that can be taken from this synthesis are several (depending on the psychological and spiritual concepts that are integrated), the main goal of transpersonal psychology that humans would go beyond the sense of self to identified to achieve greater awareness.