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Winston Churchill Statesman

The responsibilities assumed Winston Churchill during the second world war prevented him from approaching brushes later. It should be recalled that, after the Casablanca Conference in January 1943, he took a day off and made him to paint the Tower of the mosque Katoubia in Marrakesh. After the second world war, and rejected by the electorate, Churchill travelled fairly and painted a lot. His later paintings date back to 1957, when he was 83 years of age. The hero of World War II, and winner of the Nobel Prize in literature in 1953 for his vast work, painted over five hundred works. Already near the end of the road, Churchill wrote: when you go to heaven, I think spend much of my first million years painting and thus get to the bottom of the issue. He is known especially for its landscape scenes, many of which he painted while on holiday in the South of France and Morocco.

During his life he painted dozens of paintings, of which some still exposed in his study of Chartwell. It was evident that in what was (reading, writing, painting, Government Affairs, the construction of a brick wall, politics or war) its concentration was total. Paint challenged his intellect and freeing your creative impulses, awakening his sense of proportion and beauty. His paintings are really as an itinerary because he was in the Middle East, and there are paintings of Jerusalem; and he painted the pyramids in Cairo. And in Scotland, Norfolk, France and Italy, also surrendered to brushes and fabrics, such as in the United States and Canada. In his house, in Kent, on the other hand, painted almost exclusively at home. Their topics? The House, garden and landscapes of the environment.


CONVERSING with NARCISO r. COLMN (son) on Sunday, October 18, 2009, at the residence of Prof. Olga Bilbao, in the morning, the meeting took place after several years between NARCISO COLMN, son of the legendary NARCISO R. COLMN (ROSICRAN) author of nANDE YPYKUeRA; and David Galeano Olivera (Director-General of the ATENEO of language and culture GUARANI). The anteror meeting was about 20 years ago with the participation of the Mbo Pedro Moliniers ehara, on the occasion of the presentation of the book Kamba Nambi, published then by Narciso R. Colman (son).

Worth noting that Don Narciso Colman (son) is a simple, pleasant, very cultured man, a great lover of music; and above all, a grateful son. He remembers his father proudly, with great love and great respect. On the occasion, Don Narciso committed himself to attending the ATHENAEUM of language and culture GUARANI to develop a talk on the theme of life and works of Narciso R. Colman. By way of advance gave us the copy of a valuable document that the immortal Emiliano R. Fernandez, wrote to his father: Narciso R.

Colman on the occasion of the publication of the work nande Ypykuera; the text of which is as follows: Ysaty, June 15, 1937 to the illustrious and inimitable Bard Guarani: Don Narciso r.. Colman. My distinguished friend and colleague: in my possession your so welcome letter dated in the current June, she brought me in its spaces the most miraculous surprise and more than happy to step aside left my usual task to seclude me in the drafting of the time in pursuit of the long-awaited book our ancestors (nande Ypykuera), wisely by your nimble hand of poet. My good friend, now that I am savoring the priceless contents of his exquisite work, fit me with all my soul and heart express my highest recognitions for their valuable and priceless gift in tomorrow possibly appears in the Guarani section of the newspaper La Hora prose in Guarani where echo the appearance of our ancestors. The our friend Julio. A. Garay verse will publish within a few days. That verse requires a few refinements. Reiterating my thanks I subscribe me from you with affection and consideration as always. Emiliano r.. Fernandez Nota: greeting friends Leguizamon, Garay, Vazquez, towers and its satellites.

Andrew Corentt

A new year is about to begin and it is time that decides that it is what you want to make your life in the future. It is time to create what you want for you and yours. You must decide that you want to have in the future. Your life will be what you decide. If you want to enjoy abundance, wealth, happiness, of success, of good relations, then you must create a subconscious mindset that allows you to enjoy what you want.

In his book I am happy, I am rich, Andrew Corentt said that each thing that you perceive in the universe is an external manifestation of something that you have in your interior. If you have a mansion, this is sample of its wealth in that aspect value, tells us. If you have fine relations and is tenderly loved by a noble heart, it is also manifestation of something that you have in your interior. As each thing is a reflection of what you have inside, then to enjoy something in your life, you only must build up inside what you want to experience in your life. If you want to experience richness in abundance, then you must build up inside the image of what you want promptly and this will manifest itself in your life. If you want to find a job where you feel satisfied and earn enough and more, achieve financial freedom, experiencing a huge happiness and great success in your life, you must create all that by yourself. All what you want can have it, but not appear from nowhere, you should learn to create it and then use time and minimal effort to create it. If you believe it, then you’ll enjoy it, no matter what, regardless of whether it’s something big or huge.

You will need it. Everything is created in the mind and you have all the power to create it. But creation is a process and you must apply this process to create what you want. When you begin to apply the secrets and tools featured in I’m happy, I’m rich, you start to create what you want, then your life is filled with beautiful and pleasurable things, but the best thing is that you yourself will feel powerful and able to create anything they want in their life. Nothing will appear from nowhere. You must create what you want. With the techniques and the knowledge suitable, you will create this easy, fast and honest.