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Swans Gardener

Facebook and twitter once were ‘Black Swans’. In the future, set ‘Positive Black Swans’ (probability + 0). Sell (processes) but multiplizierbare projects and products not working-minutes! Noble thinker? We overstate the theorists and underestimate the practitioners, the self-taught! By the way: I learned to swim at the age of 15. How? Through practical actions, without a textbook, with teachers! Self-taught unfortunately hardly professional recognition we have. Our risk-averse managers need be careful with expectations (negative thinking) (negative knowledge). The Google financial results (turnover + 97%, net profit + 82%) caused a stock fall 21% in the 4th quarter of 2005 u0085 Wall Street analysts had expected a better result (positive thinking). The randomly selected 20% a group of children were an intellectual performance boost trusted, achieved him also “Pygmalion effect”, (positive thinking). Only 30% of all tested PatientInnenhilft their healing expectation ‘Placebo effect’ (positive thinking). Bad luck for Alzheimer’s patients, who have more no expectations or hope area. Expectations and positivism, good feeling, thinking, and talking, affect the psyche and body biochemistry, the brain reward Centre 1), positive for patients. Easy money for mind – and TV healer. So lower expectations about what you can not influence (negative knowledge). So don’t disappoint themselves. (1) See my articles 112 and 113 in WolfgangSchwalm deals made. “Swabians are probably one asks his neighbors expatriate Scots: how much to pay her gardener for everytime lawn mowing?” 20 / Hour replied. And how much you pay?”30 / HR, although my lawn just as is your!” (Negative knowledge)The first neighbor grins. There, I should probably change my gardener, the second means grim!” He achieved his gardener immediately on the phone and complains about the price. I know, “the gardener says. Pay more than your neighbor 10 / HR! I work with the latest technology always for 1 hour. My competitor uses old technology – and required every 2 hours!” (Positive knowledge) Not so much thinking.