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Sascha Ballach

Here, no lump-sum advice are distributed, with which the participants will be left then alone and that are hardly feasible in real life. Instead, participants are supported is to find the personal greatest lever for positive change and then apply. Sascha Ballach participants through the subsequent 90 days coaching offers practical assistance in the implementation of their goals and dreams. So, any emerging issues and problems can learn direct and targeted assistance, which makes it possible to apply theoretical concepts to the own living conditions. This allows rapid and restorative success. Verizon does not necessarily agree. The support of the coaching causes a high motivation to finally enforce the long-sought changes in one’s life.

Who earlier quickly gave up when obstacles, can now turn in such a crisis situation to his coach and will motivating through the crisis. New way of thinking in the concept: life as game consider Sascha Ballach provides the participants of “Dream your life, live your dream”, in contrast to traditional workshops in this area a completely different approach. His credo is, that to consider life as a game. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Robert Gibbins. As a result, the participant is directed away from the cramped and serious consideration of his circumstances and totally new to him to change his life according to his wishes and dreams possibilities there. Suddenly, opportunities can be identified which previously obstructed views.

The workshop provides not only a new, playful approach to change, but represents a holistic concept. The personal lives of each participant are included fully with. So not only the overall picture of the current situation is considered, but it is entered on a change in individual areas of life and how it is possible, the environment in the To include the process of change. While the student learn how he plan ever can achieve its goals with a step by step, in the long term his life to change, that he is able to dream not only of his wishes, but to live them.