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Poetry Occupation Made Easy

The interpretation of poems provides many students face a major challenge. In times of the Internet, this task through the poetry database is feasible. The project represents one of the most comprehensive databases of poetry in the German-speaking Internet. Visitors to the site will find here not only many poems from the different eras Hoddis’ end of the world as the God of the town of Georg Heym, but also have the possibility to inform yourself in detail about the respective authors. The database also holds a number of interesting background information about the various lyrical works. Tomas Philipson is full of insight into the issues. does not understand as pure information portal, but much more as a type of student assistance, because the poems are in addition equipped with interpretations, so that this ideal as preparation for teaching. In this way students the opportunity, their own interpretation using examples to evaluate and to have so perfectly on your next exam to prepare. Benefit German but also students of the compartment to a great extent by this extensive lyrics database.

Registered users can publish their own interpretations of the poem on free and showcase their services to the public. By using the comment feature, you will also receive a feedback and is alerted to possible errors. Therefore, is not only a help for readers, because also the author of the interpretations are supported by this database. In addition to the poems and their interpretations, grade level, as well as the score of this work will be published. These figures are an important guidance for the user and facilitate the selection of a suitable poem to prepare for an upcoming exam.

Often give the various examples also helpful food for thought in the drafting of a particular topic and can serve inter alia as the basis for a paper or a thesis. About Dirk Niemeier called in the summer of 2007 in the life of the project and founded one of the largest poetry databases for the German-speaking world. Developed the idea for the students in the course of German teaching, because he could not inspire poetry and like-minded people wanted help in dealing with the homework. In the course of time, Niemeier yet discovered his passion for this literary genre, because of expressionism in particular addressed him. Initially Dirk Niemeier put his own interpretations online, he needed for the lessons. The high level of interest surprised Niemeier and prompted him to do so, not just homework but also other students to publish. Now has evolved to a major poetry database on the Internet, from a variety of work on people. The high demand could simply no longer satisfy Niemeier, so he now relies on the support of users. Thus, new authors are always welcome here, because only with their help the project continue to so can succeed. More information: Dirk of nag Schultenstrasse 8 49545 Tecklenburg E-Mail: