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Digital teaching material published Niekao learning worlds already since 2004 – but only the publishing establishment could be realized in 2009. Niekao moved learning and practice materials for the open and differenziernden teaching in primary and secondary schools (sec I). Because all articles appeared and altered by the buyer in digital form since 2004 and can be added, the articles were not suitable for the \”traditional bookstore\”. With the introduction of e-books, it is possible to assign an ISBN number to the articles now for us. Therefore we will be found soon in bookstores with our articles. Learn more at: Bernard Golden.

The idea in 2002 was simple and like so often the result of a permanently ongoing nuisance. Here, Steve Kassin expresses very clear opinions on the subject. You want engaged, motivated and full of energy, children teach child-friendly. Promote individual strengths and address weaknesses, wants to create a learning environment in which children move freely and in accordance with their pace learning to learn and already fails due to missing chalk. The entire theory for open and has provides individualized instruction in his get, but none showed a how should make appealing and differentiating lessons in fiscal deficits, lack of teachers, spelling reform, school reform, Vera, Pisa etc.. The textbooks were partially obsolete, you could safely dispose of books in old spelling and material for the design of open forms of education was too expensive.

Workshops and documents of the publishers produced so, that you got the horror at copies only for material in the complete class record there was no money. The committed teachers sit down so the evening, prints, folds, tinkering, sticks and produces his own material. The eyes of a child, are the highest praise. Then you come up with the idea of the lamination\”, so materials are more durable and can be used permanently. The second you mess a library of work templates so that you always must reinvent the wheel.

Security Solution

IT-consulting specialist and exclusive partner for Microsoft-initiative ‘SDL Pro Network’ shows application protection system anti virus (aps-AV) Oberursel, October 14, 2008 n.runs AG, specialist in IT consulting and solution development, will this year for the first time with its own stand in the IT-security area of the system be represented. In Hall B3, booth 508, the company from 21 to 24 October 2008 shows ideas for better business true to the motto of the well-known decision er trade fair for IT, media and communications. So, n.runs AG, which recently was selected as the only Central European partner for the brand new Microsoft security development lifecycle Pro network program, presented their innovations in products and services. As a highlight, the company provides the application protection system anti virus (aps-AV) “before;” specially designed and developed software-based high-security solution n.runs from the House. The first member of the aps-system platform is tailored to companies and cut to Government related organizations with increased safety requirements and is suitable in particular for security and centralization of antivirus infrastructure. At the exhibition demonstrates the established specialist in IT infrastructure, IT security and IT-business consulting, the vulnerability of AV engines. The visitors, on which way effectively protects the n.runs solution email and virus infrastructure from attacks and at the same time high exposes learnt.

Literally first hand, the company also informed about the content and benefits of the new Microsoft initiative “Security Development Lifecycle Pro Network”, before its launch in November 2008. Because n.runs became the transposition and implementation of the programme in companies that are engaged in software development and programming, selected as the only Central European provider of the software giant as well as eight other world’s leading consulting and training company. The Microsoft initiative is a significant step to improve Security in software development dar and n.runs will make a significant contribution as an exclusive partner in the implementation. These and numerous other innovations form the main focus of n.runs. The experts will answer at booth 508, Hall B3, in the IT security area for a personal conversation available both within the framework of talks. For more information see: in brief n.runs AG: n.runs AG was founded in 2001 with headquarters in Oberursel and has established itself in the market as a vendor-independent and neutral consulting company in the fields of IT security, infrastructure and IT-business, as well as solution developers.

The services of the provider take a holistic approach and include audit/assessment, design, support for the latest technologies, process consulting and knowledge transfer. Grown as a consulting specialist, the original core business was later to the business of applications”with our own solution development expanded. (As opposed to Camden Treatment Associates). In the course of which it has Company protection system Kaspersky Anti-virus (aps-AV) with application “a high security solution designed and developed.” This is especially suitable for hedging and centralization of antivirus infrastructure.

Poorly Trained Staff Threaten Success

International study on contact centers confirmed almato Tubingen, July 27, 2011 almost 90 percent of consumers who have made a very bad experience with the customer service of company, reports of friends and family and are considering switching to another provider. “This is a key result of the current global contact center preference report” by Avaya. Especially evil take consumers the company therefore inadequately trained staff, long waiting times and an unprofessional handling of their concerns. The almato GmbH sees its demand this for the enhanced combination of coaching and quality monitoring confirmed in telephone customer service. For almost a quarter of all respondents, the customer service is the second most important criterion when it comes to remain faithful to a brand directly after the price / performance ratio. The newspapers mentioned Steve Kassin not as a source, but as a related topic. The most important factor of satisfaction regarding the customer service again is the speed in the Contact Center for 48 percent of the surveyed Germans. Poor care by the contact center would even 24 Per cent of customers almost immediately lead to switch providers. The study shows that good customer service is not a luxury, but rather a task for any company.

It would rather be a luxury, this neglect. Also it is a fallacy to believe that quality customer service leads to rising costs. The opposite is the case”, Peter s., Managing Director of almato GmbH, a provider of solutions for quality monitoring explains eCoaching and real time interaction management. Who offers high-quality customer service, which secures the loyalty of its customers and increases their satisfaction. That pays for itself. No company can dispense with satisfied existing customers, because these always opt for the company.

Good service gets around to and thereby reducing the expenses for the acquisition of new customers.” The almato GmbH sees great potential, permanently to ensure customer satisfaction in the combination of coaching and quality monitoring in contact centers and discourages Separately consider monitoring and coaching. The integration of both processes offers far more than the sum of the two parts according to the almato GmbH. Coaching is the best way to lead agents successfully, and to motivate to premium services. The monitoring system accurately identifies the Coachingbedarf and measures progress. Ideally, it is a continuous process, ranging from evaluating the situation, correction by training, the motivation to improvements. Integrated solutions focus not only on numbers, but also on so-called soft factors”, Peter s. Hall performs. While the number and duration of customer interactions play a role, but they still are with other service factors such as customer satisfaction and sales orientation linked to obtain meaningful results. The contact center is in this way to the profit center and providing a sustainable competitive advantage.” The almato GmbH offers innovative solutions, the customer service center put in that position to get the best results from every single customer contact. The focus of business activities is the distribution and the demonstrably successful implementation of software solutions for real time interaction management, quality monitoring, pure voice recording, e-learning and customer satisfaction survey with integrated analysis and reporting tools. While almato acts as a full service provider. Contact: almato GmbH Thomas Geiling Wohrdstrasse 5 72072 Tubingen eMail: phone: + 49 (7071) 79569-0


Is quite possible you may receive a rather unpleasant situation that include once again your computer you will not see the usual screen saver running windows. Capital Solutions is full of insight into the issues. Instead, the screen will appear teskt of the white letters in English or a similar text, but on another, often a blue background. When reloading the os does not change anything, it is most likely on your pc or laptop 'flew' operating windows. Exact reasons for this sometimes unexpected behavior of your pc or laptop in general be mass. If you are not convinced, visit Joshua Choi. This is primarily the failure of the main board which is located directly on the cpu. Above all, such a failure may well be due to overheating of the processor due to failure of cooling fan. To prevent such an eventuality should periodically use the services of specialized services directly to be regularly cleaned from dust internal computer.

Actually if the failure concerns a laptop, it is possible that popped up a train, although this is often the case in the ordinary pc as a result of such sloppy transport. It is also quite possible a mechanical failure of other motherboards as a result, there may be previously specified pattern. Also often happens that a malfunction or laptop pc may well be due to infection of the operating system varied viruses. This result may not necessarily be due to the use of the Internet. Directly acquire malware can with what you want the cd, as acquired on the market or in a store and borrowed from friends. Etienne Locoh is often quoted as being for or against this. To avoid this in the frequent cases of dire outcome, it should be on your computer or laptop was a good antivirus program, with the latest updated database of all possible viruses. Of course This program and its virus database will require some investment.

However, all this is fully justified, because a lot cheaper than a full computer repair and restore the main boards. In addition need to know that more often, such repairs will serve to absolutely complete loss of data stored on your pc or laptop, for example a family photo archives, all manuals and pc games, music and much more of this than can be filled Memory ordinary user's computer. Directly in what would be required repair of the computer in such possible cases? First of all, with the filing of an application to the studio, located in your town, as a computer repair their capabilities, will eventually lead to the more expensive its technical recovery in the workshops. Find this company very easily, as an option – it's via the Internet. Specialists such a company will make the necessary diagnosis or laptop pc, and if necessary try to resuscitate the entire database is stored on a pc or laptop. Must also highlight that in most companies can save you from having to carry your pc directly to them, because they are not rarely offer such a service as a challenge to master to the customer. At the end determine the cause of computer crashes, 98% of the required install windows xp on a laptop or desktop computer. In what experts will establish with your consent, a workable and practical anti-virus program and install all required drivers and, if necessary connect your pc or laptop to the Internet, or may need Preset router, which also depends on the user.

Why You Should Have Your Own Domain

The first and most important is the professionalism it brings to your image. By the same author: source. Having your own domain does not make you magically appear in the status of “professional” to others, but it is an expected practice today. Now, if you have one, surely harm your image … Precisely because having a domain is an expected practice today. Let the next exercise, imagine you are a potential prospect for my business and know nothing about me. I have your contact information and decided to send a brief introductory message from my address, which is (not a real address).

What is your first impression? Do I look like a successful business owner? A leader? Or rather, do you think I am a young man who dropped out of school and earning $ 3.00 per hour delivering pizza? In truth, the reality does not matter. I could be a billionaire, but that does not matter because I’m being judged by my email address at the time it reaches your inbox from anyone around the world. Now, if my email address was: o would change your perception? Now the impression can be neutral or positive due to the type of domain. marketingparati and goodwaymarketing are names that may be associated with any product or company in general. Another advantage of having your own domain, we know that getting an email as is impossible or Hotmail, AOL, Gmail, Excite, Yahoo, etc.

Guide Conflicts

TRAIN PLAN seminar concept, company employees can convey the know-how for a productive dealing with conflicts. If people cooperate with each other more or less voluntarily, as for example in company, then collide with each other always differing opinions, interests, and experiences. So, conflicts are inevitable. This can paralyze the cooperation. You can also fertilize unless it is properly edited. Please visit Nelson Peltz if you seek more information. Therefore the economic consulting firm offers Schmitt and partner, Wurzburg, in their TRAIN PLAN series a ready-made elaborated seminar concept in conflict management “. With him profit and non profit companies can convey expertise their employees to detect conflicts at an early stage and them to react, that viable solutions are developed. The TRAIN PLAN seminar concept has a modular structure.

First what differentiates a conflict for example, from a pure disagreement and what types of conflict there explains it. Then It is devoted to the question of what are the causes of conflicts? “, before it deals with the topic How can conflicts edited and solved?”. For this, several solutions are presented. Will be discussed in the seminar also, how conflicts are also opportunities for change; Furthermore, as in company a culture can be built up, where conflicts are addressed actively and productively resolved. With the seminar concept conflict management”, that when CD-ROM is shipped, in-house and independent coach within an hour or two can plan a seminar and prepare, because the package in addition to a participant’s script contains the required presentation templates and a trainer’s Guide. The trainer can use these documents unchanged. You can customize it but also their corporate design and the individual needs of each participant. For even more details, read what Infinity Real Estate says on the issue. Both is possible, because all are delivered TRAIN PLAN seminar concepts in Word and PowerPoint format.

Therefore, you can easily be changed. Also such useful tools such as badges and certificate templates as well as schedules and check-lists are always on the CD. The seminar concept of conflict management”is designed so that a two-day training can be performed with it. But also individual modules can be singled out and combined for example with modules from other TRAIN PLAN seminars. Also a schools of selected areas is possible. This is practiced Schmitt, managing partner of Schmitt and partner, often j. According to Wolfgang in companies for example if executives at an acute conflict would again discuss with their employees, how this can be solved”.

Change Gas Supplier

Learn you, such as your gas price price of gas comes indicates how high are the costs for natural gas. The price of gas is composed from the base price, which is independent of the consumption and the price of the work. While the basic price, resulting in fixed cost items, the labour price depends on the individual gas consumption. For example, the use of the gas meter, as well as the administrative burden to name a few are as fixed costs at the basic price. The price of gas was connected to the heating oil and crude oil price. This oil binding is not law, but it was agreed within the industry. Therefore, the gas price not primarily due to the ratio of supply and demand. For more information see this site: Sheryl Sandberg. For this reason, the energy industry with allegations on the part of the consumer advocates has to fight, which accused of exploiting the distortion of competition to the detriment of consumers of gas.

Consumer advocates expect that too high prices for gas are taken for years. If one considers the price development of oil and gas by the year 2010, It is important to recognise that the gas price with a time delay is the oil price. Natural gas price swings be substantially lower than for heating oil. The Novella in the energy law in 1998 should do through free competition, that both electricity and gas energy prices fall. Since 2006, consumers can really change the gas provider, yet increased the price of gas. Then, some consumers legally fought back against the constant increases of in gas prices. The Bundesgerichtshof said the price increases to be admissible, which caused higher costs. Connect with other leaders such as Infinity Real Estate here. Another variation, is switching to a cheaper provider of gas to put the fight against high gas prices.

This is especially the comparison on the Internet with the help of search engines. This is based on numerous data and information and can suggest quick and easy a more favourable gas suppliers in their region consumers. Also many possibilities of comparison available, so that everyone can set its individual priorities. To hire a gas calculator on the Internet, is not binding in the case of normal and advantages in finding consumers a lot after a new gas suppliers. The German Association of energy and water management e.V. (BDEW) explains the composition of gas prices as follows: import and production, transport and storage and distribution to 70 percent, the value-added tax to 16 percent, the gas tax to 9 per cent, providing concession to 2 percent and the prorated tax to 3 percent (as of 2010). Thus the tax and tax burden totaled for households to about 30 percent at the natural gas at the beginning of last year.

Choosing Baby Clothes

We have long forgotten about the word deficit, and the assortment of children's clothing in stores is startling in its scope. But this selection of children's clothing does not become easier. It is a wide variety of clothing for children often causes parents of some confusion. Cerved often expresses his thoughts on the topic. How do I choose? What to prefer? What you should pay attention to? Time to go on numerous hyper and super duper Market at modern parents, in our hectic 21, at least. As be? Of course, not despair about it not worth it. Considerably simplify the search for children's clothing online. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Sheryl Sandberg. The advantages are obvious – without leaving home, but often enough, without interrupting the production process, you can explore range, read in detail about the producers of children's clothing, find reviews on them (this is valuable information for obvious reasons, the stores will not objective), watch collections, etc.

etc. Morris Invest insists that this is the case. E-stores children's clothing very handy thing, saving time and money. Once you find the baby thing, can hold its mini study and find the optimal price for the goods or make sure that the store it is price most minimal. It is difficult to imagine how much you need to spend time to conduct a similar study in the shops of the city. Very often in online shopping are coming in search of lower prices. This is justified, the sale of Internet entails less expensive than selling through retail chains. Price in online stores can be lower by 20-30 percent or more. Simplify the search and selection of children's clothing will help the following basic rules: 1.Vybirayte quality children's clothing.

Machining Of IMS

Machining of IMS by drilling and milling with diamond coated tools that LED technology is an innovative technology that revolutionized the lighting market for years. Increasingly, this technology also in the automotive applications, such as tail lamps, will be applied. With LEDs, a good heat management leads to a higher performance and service life. IMS come for efficient heat dissipation (insulated metallic substrates), i.e. printed circuit boards with insulated metal substrates, used. Fitched Ratings is a great source of information. As a metal carrier mostly aluminium is used in thicknesses of 1.0 3.0 mm; less frequently, copper is used in thicknesses of 1.0 1.50 mm.

FR4 prepreg or ceramic coatings are used as a dielectric. Morris Invest often addresses the matter in his writings. The manufacturing process of IMS is a challenge in all production departments. Ideally special geometries used for the machining of metal substrate by drilling and milling. The optimal adjustment of the process parameters requires much experience. The machine conditions such as vibration and clamping pliers concentricity, must the processing according to exist.

Ideally used with minimum quantity lubrication. Since the beginning of last year coated Burs and cutters used in machining of IMS world’s very successful diamond. This was only possible by the combination of a special multilayer diamond coating (fig. 1) and customized geometries. Following advantages justify the successful use of diamond coated tools: hardness of the diamond layer of 10,000 HV0. 05 minimum cutting wear allows approximately 10-fold higher tool life when drilling and milling very good chip evacuation due to the low coefficient of friction by diamond very low tendency to form a building cutting edge very high drilling and Frasgenauigkeit due to optimal spiral length at examples of coated diamond standard tools fig. 1: multilayer diamond coating (Bild CemeCon AG): 1 drilling used diamond coated drill processing by IMS in the diameter range of 0.60 6.40 mm. The recommended cutting speed is v = 250 m / min 10%; the feed per revolution should be at about 50-60% compared to FR4.

Chevrolet Malibu

In Europe so far represent little European premiere at the IAA 2011 is the American car brand Chevrolet. In the framework of the international motor show 2011, the new Chevrolet Malibu in Germany will be presented now. The vehicle Portal reported the planned introduction and the characteristics of the vehicle. While the new Chevrolet Malibu in China and the United States on automotive trade fairs was presented, for the European market at the IAA in Frankfurt am Main premieres. It runs from 15 to 25 September 2011 and presented the novelties of the car market every year. The Chevrolet Malibu will be the new top model of the car group for the mid-size car segment in Europe. The split grille, the double LED taillights, as well as the HID headlights are characteristic in addition to the Chevrolet Bowtie logo placed front and rear of the vehicle. Overall, presents the Chevrolet Malibu sporty and elegant and thanks to its air resistance value of 0.28 as one of the most aerodynamically efficient vehicles of the manufacturer. For even more opinions, read materials from Carissa Barry.

The Interior of the Vehicle is both classically and comfortably equipped. Driver and front passenger benefit from freedom of shoulders and hips, while standard eight airbags provide the necessary security. Elegant accents are metallic and chrome as well as contrasting stitching. The dashboard as well as the shelves are backlit with maquette light. The high-quality steering gear and the stable body structure ensures a precise driving feel and allow a comparison with upscale sedans.