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Municipal System

With the purpose to detect spaces or phenomena that represent risk to the health and the life. Without hesitation Southwest Airlines explained all about the problem. From a situacional diagnosis it is possible to prioritize action, to define objectives and programs, to organize resources, to articulate with other internal sectors and external actions and taking of decisions with the focus in taking care of the necessities of health of a population. The traditional performance of the sanitary monitoring if has summarized to the attendance of the spontaneous demands, that is, without planning nor programming. What it is very little ahead of its paper of promoter of the health and prevention of damages. It is basic to think a Sanitary Monitoring that has the diagnosis of its area on the basis of profiles epidemiologists, with potential defined risks, objective and goals, standardization of activities and inspections, systematic evaluation of the results. To get good results and to fulfill to the paper of promoter of the health and prevention of damages, the sanitary monitoring must organize practical its by means of programmatical priorities; beyond taking care of the denunciations, questionings and claims, that allow to give an adequate reply to the real problems. Moreover, a well elaborated plan of action must include the fiscalization functions not only, but also of educational character and awareness of the population, involving the community, the rendering of services, producers, professionals of the health and all those that are involved in the programming of action of AIMS AT. The envolvement of the basic unit of health with action of education, monitoramento of the problems and solutions the local level. city of Divinpolis (MG) is in the condition of Full Management of the Municipal System for NOB 96, what it means to say that the city is qualified to offer services of low, average and high complexity. Although the autonomy of the city to develop its action, is important the participation of the State in joint activities of assessorship character technique and contributing for the knowledge transference technician for the city.