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Kurt Glabischnig

Study of the C & P AG: Only a few banks want to deep cuts in the IT investments make possible cuts affect mainly projects of business organization and IT infrastructure operations Munich, 29.10.2008 – the current banking crisis is still in this country a wide berth IT in the financial institutions. Only in a small circle of banks and savings banks are the IT investments for disposition according to a survey in the order of the international system House C & P AG and provided deep cuts. Majority such a discussion but not running at over 100 surveyed banks at the moment. Where however, IT projects should be deleted, such measures remain largely spared, either for legal reasons – like about the new flat rate control – are required or supporting their own marketing. According to the survey, currently not once every tenth Bank plans significant cuts in the IT investments. Another 15 percent, a few larger projects are time shifted be.

In every fifth case, also individual smaller projects are down the drain. Three out of five of those surveyed banks met in contrast, no concrete decisions to carry out circumcisions in the IT budgets and to suspend planned projects or to cancel completely. This is relatively independent of the current banking crisis investment plans comply with even the impressions of the system House C & P AG, which is active above all in the development of software for financial institutions. So far were shortened projects or future projects presented and discussed\”, C & P Board of Directors reported Kurt Glabischnig from the practice. Because something should also not significantly change according to the assessments of most bank managers surveyed. So, only 17 percent believe there could still be clearer cuts in the IT related investments. The rest is less skeptical. These executives assume that any further budget cuts in a limited framework will take place (51 percent) or they fully by funds cuts spared (32 per cent).