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Kaiserslautern companies invested in good training Kaiserslautern, 30.08.2012: the Tyre24Group of Kaiserslautern is the promotion of particularly close to the heart. The company offers young adults every year the chance to become professional computer scientists, merchants for Office communication, personnel training for warehouse logistics and media designers. Also in this year five young people in the Tyre24Group began their education, which should guarantee them a safe start in professional life with successful testing. In total, currently 14 trainees in the group with eight separate divisions learn a profession. With this relatively high number of trainees, the Tyre24Group has a training rate of more than 10 percent.

Thus it has become a significant and qualified training operation in the region. Special emphasis is placed in the occupational training organization on ideal conditions: so the employees will be the trainees from the outset in the work tasks and processes with integrated and interesting and responsible work. This, they benefit from the experience and motivation of their instructors, as well as all other employees. Also the trainees in the enjoyment of all Goodys come,”which also the permanent staff daily excellence motivate. “These include in addition to free, also a wide range of breaks toys fresh fruit and beverages to the daily consumption”, as well as monthly team bonuses for good performance. To maintain the motivation of trainees for school performance, the Tyre24Group rewarded for good academic achievement with lucrative extra premiums. “So the trainees get very good example for each” in the year certificate 100 euro for each well “still 50 euros. We feel not only for the operational part of the training of responsible, but also for the school. We want that our trainees at all times give their best – also in the vocational school. The small financial injection is an appreciation for good educational services be”, so Silke Kadler, human resources Department of the Tyre24Group. So that potential trainees can make a picture of the apprenticeship, the group, as well as the employees before the start of training, can, the Tyre24Group always have requests for internships and test days forward.