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Julian Borchardt

That is, it favors one been Tax of Profit. ' ' The amount of alive work employee, not ceasing to dedecrescer in relao amount of the means of production that pe in movement, aside remark it alive work that is not paid and that deveela is also materialized in more-value, to decrease without ceasing in relation to the value of the set of capitalempregado' '. (Julian Borchardt, 1982). Recently Capital One sought to clarify these questions. Although the profit enters in decline with the increase of the number demquinas and investments in the production process in order to speed up aprodutividade, the more-value covers an inverse way, the way simultaneous docrescimento of the fall of the profit tax. The specialists tentamcontrapor to the trend the fall in the Tax of Profit with the increase of the exploration dotrabalho, taking off of the laborer a bigger excess of the work, with oprolongamento of the intensification and hours of working of its activity ereduo of the constant wage and the ways of subsistence and at the same time to fazsubir the tax of interests.

For allowing the increase of the production, it he speeds up aacumulao, however he reduces the changeable capital in relation to the constant capital, ocasionandouma fall in tax of Profit. ' ' In addition capitals placed in the comrcioexterior can produce a tax of superior profit if make competition smercadorias produced in evolved countries less, of form that the maisdesenvolvido country can vender its merchandises above of the value and, however commelhores prices quedos countries concorrentes' ' (Julian Borchardt, 1982). The form most efficient to prevent the low one of profit is oconstante increase of the capital. 4-A ACCUMULATION OF the CAPITAL AND INDUSTRIAL ARMY DERESERVA As it was displayed in the previous item, the increase eacumulao of the capital assumes an important role in the produocapitalista way. These if give for the more-value process. The vendida force of work to the capitalist as a merchandise and this the paid one in wage form.