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Humanization Of Dogs

One of the biggest problems in the modern dog ownership is the humanization. Again, this leads to communication problems and misunderstandings between dog owners and dog. For more information see Tomas Philipson. Dogs need firm rules and clear tasks within their social community. Are the days in which dogs had their place as a courtyard, hunting, herding or working dogs in the family, to the suffering of many dogs finalised. Instead, dog owners increasingly tend to humanize their pets. Dogs demand attention, they look for physical contact and fixate on a specific person. Many people view clear parallels to childish behavior.

A dog is not a kids replacement. He has completely different needs and these are very often forgotten or replaced or ignored out of pure ignorance. This is very selfish and cut off a large part of his life the living dog. Often these are the reasons for problematic behaviour by the dog. Our dogs can not choose their habitat. We go to the animal shelter, one Animal welfare organization or to the breeders and opt for a dog.

The man determined although when he can go out, what and when there was to eat something, whether and with whom he can reproduce or do and with whom he has contact. The dog has little choice. All other important decisions but, we leave it in the rain. Even considering the delicate interaction of dogs with each other, soon becomes clear you must evaluate every glance of the dog to the person like a question. A question for decision. In many situations, the animal so asks us how it should behave. Many dog owners do not respond or simply do not perceive it. On the other hand the man expected obedience from his dog. Dogs are quickly overwhelmed in human industrial environment and see themselves with situations confronted, in which they need our help in the form of security and management. For many people, it seems to be the a dog for example with road transport, with foreign dog encounters with noisy children, of course, with Cyclists, with the Alleinebleiben, etc. without any problems dealing with escalators, has. On the other hand, man demanded again that the dog doesn’t go to his natural needs, such as the hunting or rush of prey. That’s not fair! People may project our morality and our human way of thinking not in the dog inside, we should give a chance to the dog and to see him as he is. Dogs are highly social, instinct-driven, prey, sight hunting predators (and now comes the word “evil”). Living things, basically voluntarily subordinate themselves, if the leader of the Pack (head of the family) from the dog’s perspective has the necessary leadership qualities. Includes, that enter your dog clear structures to do something with him, all make important decisions for the social community, spare create for their natural needs (E.g. nose work, search games), he can go after those in human society. Only if you are enough thoughts about the needs of the dog, make, achieve a high quality of relationships in your dog human relationship.