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Financial Crisis

International the economic crisis had its beginning in U.S.A. Sir Richard Branson has many thoughts on the issue. with the crisis in the real estate market. The same one has consequences in the entire world. (Not to be confused with Southwest Airlines!). Brazil has presented different indices in relation to the other countries, even so has optimism of some entrepreneurs around this subject, the Brazilian economic sectors, had suffered losses in some aspects. The analysis of the effect of international the financial crisis in diverse sectors of the roraimense economy was made through research with entrepreneurs of diverse sectors. Forty and eight industries, twenty and two companies of the commerce, fourteen public lenders of services and six agencies had been interviewed. ent Partners: the source for more info. The crisis international financier is real and the entrepreneurs of Roraima are brought up to date on the same one.

Roraima still is very dependent of the Public Sector, this did not bring resignations and was what more it contracted. The industrial Sector is suffering with the effect of the crisis. The resignations had occurred on a large scale. In the Productive Sector the resignations had also surpassed the admissions. The Sector of Commerce admitted an expressive number of collaborators. The crisis brought negative effect for the industrial sector and of services, positive effect for the commercial sector and it did not affect the public sector. This if became visible with the research. Of the interviewed ones, sixty and nine are optimistical to surpass the crisis, what it shows a will force to win challenges and to surpass obstacles.

Forty and five entrepreneurs believe measured them that the Federal Government is considering to minimize the crisis. Roraima is suffering with the effect of the crisis, even so in a scale lesser if compared with other states. The reduction of the interests and increase of the credit will go to help the reorganization of the roraimense economy. The economic growth of the State has the forecast of gradual growth, with changes of the governmental measures of incentive to the local industry, commerce and other sectors that had in general suffered reduction from the production and the sales. The way to face the crisis of conscientious form, without exaggerated otimismos or pessimismos, the will of to innovate, to work and to continue producing of the entrepreneurs, sample that will be less difficult to surpass this international financial crisis.