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The data in the classification (class, characteristic, expression) are represented directly in the material master, the document data (images, descriptions as pdf, etc.) are stored as document info records. In addition to the automatic product classification and automated information enrichment, certified interface ensures high data quality with reduced maintenance. Because the data is maintained both in one system: the commercial data in the SAP System. Texts, images, translations and classifications in asimBase. Premium is a software for information management, with which users can simplify their data and providing information about asim asim. Central aspect is the multiplication of internal and external uses of the data. To know more about this subject visit Gary Kelly. The range focuses on the Central product information management sales and marketing company. All are with asim Publication sales, presales and post sales tasks.

The modular structure of asim, as well as the extensive services and the high degree of innovation of the company are the guarantee for absolute customer benefit. Owner of asim is Druckhaus Waiblingen (DHW) in Waiblingen near Stuttgart. the printing house with the media-neutral systems that manage information asim was born began in 1993. Today, supported and accompanied its customers in the installation, commissioning, maintenance and care of the system the same name Division. This customized nature of the cooperation attaches great importance asim on a flexible and the respective customer’s situation. The company has a second site in Bregenz (A) since 2010 with asim GmbH. Many customers have been working for many years with asim. To the users, leading companies from the sectors include plumbing, climate, ventilation, electrical, building and furniture fittings, tools, chemistry. Editorial Contacts: asim GmbH Jasmin Altendorfer Schedlerstrasse 1 A-6900 Bregenz Austria T + 43 (0) 5574 58-998-22 F + 43 (0) 5574 58 998-4 PR agency good news! Nicole Korber GmbH Colberger road 36 D-23617 Stockelsdorf phone: + 49 451 88199-12 fax: + 49 451 88199-29