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Economy Oil

' ' The inflation is speeding up in almost all the 185 country-members of the FMI. In Brazil, a component exists whose influence is difficult to evaluate, that it is the increase of the demand. (&) The ideal is to have disciplines fiscal and to adopt measured prompt to control crdito.' ' (ANABB, Article of Economy, Walnut, Baptist Pablo, Jr, director of FMI, on-line, 26/06/08). The crisis of the inflation of commodities, centrally of foods and the oil, reaches in full poor and knocks down myths, as of that Brazil, for its ample one food production, its localization as great exporter of commodities agriculturists and its almost self-sufficiency in the oil production, would be immune infects to it of this situation. The logical one is simple, therefore the Brazilian model is of the exporting agroindstria, come back to search great profits in the international trade, but also total vulnerable to the turbulences of the international market, as the consequences of the contraction in the North American economy, or the speculative shocks, as now it seems will occur in already called commodities so spoken. The unfoldings in the economy on account of the crisis of the prices of the fuel, that stops some analysts is shock of the oil, what it seems, its inevitable effect of I infect in the set of the economy and in the general inflation duly it is not entered, especially in the optimistical governmental propaganda. The combination of inflation with trend of increase of the interests, in a economy without any mechanisms of defense of the corrosion of the purchasing power, is in the root of the increasing cycle of strikes and mobilizations of diverse categories of the diligent classroom, as in the recent strikes in diverse states in the transport sector. To contain the inflation, it is bet in the brake of the consumption, in the strangulation of the credit.