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CAD Files Exchange

Guide for the digital construction of cyber attacks on industrial enterprises are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Recently, a computer worm stole tens of thousands of technical drawings an indication of more, that industrial espionage must be taken more seriously. The FTAPI Software GmbH gives practical guidance on how the Exchange can be made large files in the digital design safer and yet efficiently. Expert Webinar on August 17 2012. industrial enterprises need to daily exchanging CAD models with development partners or worldwide to provide drawings for assemblies. If you are not convinced, visit Gary Kelly. Know-how and trade secrets onto this different partly unsecured channels. At the same time, the threat of industrial espionage, and cyber attacks is growing. Sending very large files in the Giga – or even terabyte range especially headache, because as an E-Mail attachment, such files are too big and shipping via disk takes too long.

Common alternatives for the transferring of files such as ISDN and FTP are very slow on or off Security for sensitive data unsuitable. Industry standards such as OFTP trying vulnerabilities in exchanges to close. However, especially for small design offices and factories often considerable effort and investment costs associated with the implementation and the operation of these standards. PDF, the standard format for technical documents, offers no adequate protection even with password protection against tampering and theft, because this can easily be overcome with freeware tools from the Internet. IT security vulnerabilities are often favoured by structures and processes in the company: simplify collaboration in enterprise communications between Office and production area, but at the same time increase the risk that malicious software and spyware silently enter from outside the production. It is all the more important that defined workflows and communication channels support a safe and structured exchange between different workspaces.

For exchanging large files in the Company and beyond the enterprise managed file transfer systems provide a secure alternative to FTP, ISDN and E-Mail. The FTAPI Software GmbH offers FTAPI SecuTransfer a server software for the highly secure exchange of arbitrarily large files. A free full version is available on the website of the company to the download. FTAPI software in an expert Webinar gives practical advice for the secure exchange of large files in the digital design on 17 August 2012 at 16:30. A guide to the theme can be downloaded for free. Under digital design and FTAPI software, the FTAPI Software GmbH in Munich further information develops and distributes software systems for the secure transmission and storage of business files. Their product FTAPI SecuTransfer is based on its own technology, developing was promoted by the European Union and the German Federal Ministry of economics. The 2010 founded company sets new standards in safety and efficiency business file sharing and provides encryption of all files as opposed to the commonly used file transfer solutions actually comprehensive (end-to end). In addition to management of manufacturing, retail and industry also TEC and MDax enterprises rank users to the content FTAPI.