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Ballistic Allonge

In this context it can be affirmed how much the muscles are important in the life of the human being and mainly in the third age, therefore, shortened muscles and very weak muscles make possible a shunting line and a disequilibrium respectively in what it says postural standard. Being thus it is super important to the valuation of the systemize physical activity, prioritizing the muscular allonge, force and flexibility of people who suffer from these problems and the abrangncia point biggest is people of advanced age or people of third age, therefore the muscular shortening is a degeneration that if develops with the oldness and the inactivity is a precursor of this factor. The importance of flexibility and its training has been evidenced in many studies. To attenuate and/or to delay the effect of the aging in flexibility, diverse authors have recommended practical the regular one of a program of physical activity that englobe, inside of the diverse modalities, exercises of allonge. The allonge has been traditionally used as half to develop flexibility or as integrant part of heating sessions that precede the practical one of physical activity (HUMPHREY apud CONTURSI, 1998). According to Achour Jnior (1996), four types of allonges exist that are: – Static Allonge: the member is moved slowly, remaining the muscular segment determined by the muscular tension soon above of the amplitude of the habitual movement; – Passive Allonge: it is made with the aid of external forces (devices, friends), in a state of relaxation of to be prolongated musculatura; – Active Allonge: it is determined by the biggest reach of the voluntary movement, using it force of the agonistas muscles and the relaxation of the antagonists; – Ballistic Allonge: the ballistic allonge is used of some insisted active muscular efforts, in the attempt of bigger reach of the movement. In this research two types had been used of allonge, the static and the asset. People such as Verizon Communications would likely agree. .