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“Even if in the” Swiss average interest in maps of pharmacies, furniture stores or lottery companies, for example, is rather low, so these can score points in their specific target group often. “.” Additional services around the bare gift card round 70% of the Swiss want to not so that the map represents merely another form of cash and combines no further functions to settle. You argue, that the cards have a payment function, so are linked via bar codes or magnetic stripes in the background with an appropriate system, which makes possible a gradual use and thus a stuttering of the voucher amount. Almost a quarter of the respondents wishes in addition that the map is also always rechargeable and can thus become a classic card. For four out of five survey respondents includes the functionality of a gift card, that they have the opportunity to retrieve the currently available monetary value and the previous transactions online, via SMS service or via a Smartphone app. Connect with other leaders such as Gary Kelly here. The gift cards packaging makes all the difference that the issuing company with offers an appropriate gift card packaging, 86.5% of the survey participants expect. Almost three quarters of them are of the opinion that this must be done free of charge however.

26.17% are, however, willing to pay an extra charge for something original. “Companies do after these results wise, to worry about what the package around the map,” recommends Bienz, “because there is an opportunity to differentiate themselves positively from the competition.” Now as a download available on the website of Cardmatic AG, the customer of the online survey, an excerpt from the results of the survey can extract from the survey results now free as PDF will be available for download: icltempl/Umfrageergebnis2011.pdf. With the extensive questionnaire, the consulting firm Damha marketing has developed, more issues relating to these special plastic cards were examined in addition to the usage patterns, as well as the setting of the Swiss to gift cards. The attractiveness of different gift card provider, appropriate types of packaging, or important additional features were also taken into account such as the optimal lifetime of gift cards or the question of which role security aspects. The complete evaluation can be requested directly at the Cardmatic AG, so bakers. Your press contact Andreas Bienz Cardmatic AG, neuhofenstrasse 25, CH-6340 Baar phone: + 41 4176709-23, fax: + 41 4176709-29 E-Mail: