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Web Button

By clicking the left mouse button and hold it, driving the pointer from left to right, and the object is allocated. The text also stands out in the traditional way, and will not repeat myself. You can do so. Brings the cursor to the left any line of text, and when he becomes a white oblique arrows, press the left button. Without releasing the button, peremeschyaete cursor up and down on as many lines as you want to delete, and release the button. Acts this way only when the text is not pressed against the left border of the cell.

Cells can also be allocated in the traditional way, as you can so. The cursor to the left or upper boundary of the cell, and when he becomes a small black arrow, left-click on the button, but better, again, the right one. With this method can distinguish a group of cells vertically or horizontally, but not always. You can try to move a little black arrow to the left to right or, in other case, from top to bottom. Selected cell or group of cells change color to a darker or black, depending on the color of their background. It is always noticeable. How many cells to stand out in that or another method depends on the structure editing page. Sometimes, it is quite difficult to catch the moment of the appearance of a black arrow, but to practice it nearly always turns out.

To edit one file in this way, depending on the complexity of web pages spent up to five minutes. Web page completely. With this method, the Web page is stored in two files. HTML-file and a folder with image files. How to edit HTML-file, the above mentioned. You can use both methods. That is possible to copy an article with graphics and insert a new page, and you can remove all unnecessary, and leave an article with graphics. If the article with pictures, then save the result to as' Web page completely '. In the folder with the graphics, which sometimes has an impressive weight, you must leave only what is referred to the article and the rest removed. Should be left as cascading style sheets file (usually file-CSS). From this location, sometimes it is necessary to remove a few dozen files. Of course, you can delete them one by one, as you can and groups, depending on their location in the folder. Here's how. Put the cursor on the left to delete a file, click the left mouse button and hold it, driving the cursor to the right. Files are beginning to stand out. You can keep the cursor just to the right, but at the same time and down, with a large amount of files. Thus it is necessary to make sure that in secreted by the rectangle is not got the file you want to leave. Obtained after editing the files have, against the original, much lighter, and open the browser, in appearance almost from him different.