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Use The Whole Web Page

Seventh point, SELL IN EVERY PAGE OF YOUR WEB SITE. There are web pages that have a form on your page index.htm superscription and ready, no, use each of its pages to try to offer something that can help your visitor, on every page of your site can access the offers, promotions and gifts, remember one more time that visitors from entering your site not only for your page index.htm. Eight key point and also is AUTOMATE YOUR SITE Once you start with electronic commerce began to notice that it takes time, is that tasks and resources we have to apply on our sites really take your time, then the Belva automate some tasks are more than necessary. It comes down to who do not have to make thousands of times the same tasks, see if for example we provide our website with a website visitor CONCERNS and configure our autoresponder to respond according to certain guidelines such as:

FAQ – reports Free – Product List – price lists – offline product catalogs, all this I can assure you that if you want to do it manually it may take a month, but if it automates is another matter. I guarantee that visitors to see you respond in a timely manner to your questions will be more than satisfied with you, and you and imagine what the result is this … yes, more sales, of course. Point Ninth Place a signature to your E-MAIL MESSAGES This is just something that took us two minutes and you can configure it to send all our emails with our block of text that may be the end of an email message, remember our mail is also part of our marketing tools and since they can enter our sites a future buyer of our products. There are also proper ways of writing their signatures and there are even a lot of information about the web, for example..