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United Artists

This prompted the new Surrealist art Surreal predivolucionismo name I will have a new stage or time when the art for the first time in the history of art come together in the arts and artists in what is now the new surrealist movement. Surrealism rising from the degradation of society really degrading land where every day is a countdown to the destruction of the ecosystem source of mortality, where we are losing the spirituality and faith in the creeds do not know that there is life behind physical life totally spiritual life of faith that some to the divine and faith to faith. Wondering if we are here now? Or are we here to surpass what has already been experienced in previous lives? And the evolution in the neo surrealism surrealism Surreal predisposition which is neither more nor less than all the avant-garde united in one and the new avant-garde. 2nd part Surreal predisposition is the evolution to extraordinary lengths of surrealism the forefront more mobile all vanguards where impressionism, cubism, abstract art, digital art, the scientific art, the hyper-realism and surrealism is assembled to create what we call surreal predisposition futuristic art born of the new century. growth strategy. Where art is conventional, three-dimensional digitized.

I bet because this new surreal predilection today and you are giving. And that was just waiting for the new name and new art is more born of neo surrealist movement because if we rescue techniques where we talk about surreal neos surreal predisposition we find the name that will not be forgotten and soon named and renamed that bore the stamp of indisputable that we are creating this new neo surrealist movement. Today we are happy because with the new second anniversary of the day June 8, 2008 and after eight years of work we are recreating and creating a new style in all fields and field of the arts where all arts are melting into one in order to create this new vanguard of avant-garde artists and altruists are present here today and soon very soon reached one of its many goals this to see each time more and more art is more and more artists will be added to the long list of neo Surrealism and its artists, selfless altruistic love for others has been is and will be our greatest altruism under the Surrealist Movement and All Arts and United Artists.