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The Pensioner

Engaged in installing and setting up home theaters. And now here by the seller in "fishing" store. I ask: "How did it happen? "And there was no instructions, here are skilled craftsmen, like me, everyone knew it was We have few, each at a premium, and therefore was expensive. Customers stood in line "- says an unhappy seller. That's how it was simple and amazingly 10 years ago, in what is now even hard to believe. He even threw Institute. And why Institute? And so full of money, which is nonsense to engage in these institutions? Now here's the salesman in "fishing" shop work, to work more on subway rides Times have changed, however.

Just one moment manufacturers of home theater systems have realized that to make home theater affordable and mass can be only one way. Get rid of these craftsmen here, because otherwise it will remain affordable only to the elite. Get rid of using qualitative and simple instructions, by creating a ready-made solutions that are not needed with an ax and files result in the desired body condition. " And got rid of. Now home cinemas where affordable than a decade ago to rejuvenate himself that way.

And to put it and configure, has no need to pay anyone. Even retired sort out, stuck in the socket, did something which settings and enjoy high quality video and sound. What about the pensioner, I can and "bent", but I hope you understand me correctly. Something tells me that with ERP-systems can be something similar to crank.