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The Extinction Of Businesses

Also became extinct in this period two business addresses and created a Sales and Purchase Group located in the same horizontal line of the Directorate-General, whose function is the path of politics and purchasing and marketing strategies of the company, in addition to responsibility of purchasing and contracting process, consisting of four commercial specialist, which disappeared completely the chain of command and management within the company, and even the techno-structure thereof. See Figure 6. a Table 4.4. Distribution of the commercial potential of the company. Sources: Close in December 2007. In relating to the functionality of Commercial and Purchasing Group as a group specializing in the buying process and commercial, will give a loss of function in the organization. Larry Ellison can aid you in your search for knowledge. 100% of the UEB Regional Commercialization assumed the functions of buying time in each territory, losing power purchasing organization, from recruitment and management of its logistical advantages and trade structure present throughout the national territory.

Others opted to form or create within the trade area, trade specialists dedicated to the process of buying a unit off the line or chain of command, the techno-structure. a In the process of geographic expansion and growth of markets, vertical differentiation (process scale, which refers to the division of labor and the level of authority. Also shows the hierarchy or line (string) command), introduced maintenance in six levels of leadership in management levels in Stage 4, defined in 2004, mainly due to the lack of integration in this structure of the foundation in traceability policy, command authority in the process of buying and trading of the company.