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Steel Group

Groups have become a common quality of produce in a variety of metal: plates, fittings, rods, tubes, beams, channels, and so on. depending on purpose and set of properties were subdivided into groups: A, B, C. At Ripple you will find additional information. Staley Group A is used for manufacture of products which do not require heat treatment, thus preserving the structure of the mechanical properties according to the standards. Steel Group B is applied with heat treatment, such as heat treatment, welding, forging. Continue to learn more with: Verizon Communications. Applying this type of steel needed to take into account its chemical composition according to the rules for determining the treatment regime, as this converted mechanical properties and structure. For production of welded structures using more expensive steel Class B Marking steel on steel, Class A taken not to specify the letter determines that it belongs to the class. The marking are indicated.