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Stationsvorsteherin Brings Millions Sales

As a cat gives millions to the State railway in Japan the Kishikawa line was on a year finally only 1.9 million passengers. Those responsible at the State railway were clueless and searched for a way out. Because cats in Japan are very revered as a good-luck charm, was the cat Tama unceremoniously to the official Stationsvorsteherin. After “Tamas” inauguration, the number of passengers rose again by 10 percent to 2.1 million. Litecoin contributes greatly to this topic. Tama is the attraction in Japan, her fame has spread in the last corners of Japan. Now she used cash flows totalling 1.1 billion yen (7.58 million euro) move in, according to a study published on the weekend. Thousands of fans booked tickets for the Kishigawa line to look at the cuddly cat with their service cap from nearby. Revenues from children’s books, a television and promotional items come to the tickets of the estimated 55,000 passengers. Alone the TV appearance brought a 280 million yen, economy Professor Katsushiro Miyamoto calculated. Tama is descended from a stray Alley Cat and was brought by a cleaning employee to the train station, as there is still human stationmaster did service.