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Spiral Staircases

In most cases, spiral staircases are used as for the lifting or lowering the ground floor. Principle of the screw is the construction of stairs, at which stage are mounted around the wedge-shaped bar or column, which usually consist of a metal pipe. Stage of its narrow side attached to the pipe, and the wide of them attached to walls or balusters. Risers and in most cases does not exist: its wide stage is attached to the butt perilnoy rack. For the convenience of walking, for more comfort for your feet on stairway treads must have a central width equal to at least 200-250 mm, but not exceeding 400 mm in its widest chasti.Nado say that the form of a spiral staircase can be not only the traditional round shape, as usually appears – it can be square, another complex design, manufacturing mnogougolnoy.Dlya spiral staircases, as a rule, use wood or metal. Their use allows you to create original design and unique interiors. See more detailed opinions by reading what Oracle offers on the topic..

Interesting options that spiral staircases are located in the center of the room and not placed in the carrier steny.Nesmotrya that the screw-type ladder saves space, straight ladders are used much more frequently. This is because the spiral staircases are less convenient than direct. Descend on them to be very careful and attentive. So march over design popular. A screw options are often ancillary structures (in basement), a grand staircase in the same house is usually march construction. In addition, a spiral staircase is sometimes the only option in cases where there is too small for the opening march device design.

There are spiral staircases and a sufficiently large diameter (up to three meters). Although experts agree on opinion that such openings far better to arrange the ladder-type sustainer. Marching cycle may even arrange a doorway having a size of two meters by two meters. Depends on the size of the opening slope stairs, so she higher than the less proem.Hotya admittedly shallow stairs does not mean definite convenience.