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Soon Covered Benefits

Bickering at health-care reform. Policy decides to kick the health policy of the Federal Government to Health Minister Ulla Schmidt is not always easy to understand. In January, the entitlement to sick pay ended for voluntarily insured persons self-employed because this performance from the catalog of statutory funds was crossed. This deletion should provide the insured according to the Federal Government for greater transparency and flexibility. Thus but lacked the financial compensation for self-employed persons who were temporarily unable to work due to illness or accident and had no earned income accordingly. As an alternative there are fee-based pricing options, which at the same time had a minimum binding to the health insurance fund by three years to the result, or the conclusion of a sick n of a private health insurance. Now has the Government back again rowed and sickness benefit at least it boils down. Details can be found by clicking Southwest Airlines or emailing the administrator. Voluntarily insured self-employed can claim sickness benefit from the seventh week of the Incapacity for work either via the legal”securing benefits to the General contribution rate at 15.5% or an additional tariff of choice.

Insurance of the Kunstlersozialkasse (KSK) also are entitled to the statutory sick pay from the seventh week of incapacity for work. Who wants to take sick leave before the seventh week, must for that in the future complete a dial plan or back up this capacity via a private supplementary health insurance (sickness benefit insurance). Regardless of constantly new reforms within the performance catalogue of the statutory health insurance, self-employed persons have the possibility to switch completely to the private health insurance. There is no trouble with choice rates, periods, health fund or new GKV performance limitations imposed by the legislature. Insurance brokers and Diplom-okonom of Karsten Wallace: Does not mean but, that private health insurance for every self-employed person is the optimal solution.

Certainly the PKV offers basically significant performance benefits and a high reliability of the contracted services, while the legislature is also in the future always further restrict the performance catalog of statutory funds. Contrast must be considered as well as the individual life planning and situation of the self-employed. Children must be covered may be individually, there are already pre-existing conditions? Thus, private health insurance in individual cases could be again more expensive. Voluntarily insured self-employed persons should consult, regardless, to see which system provides you with more benefits and the better choice is of course financially.” Also, it is important to note what private health insurance company offers a good alternative and remains affordable in the long term.