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Service Is No All-inclusive Answer

Editorial: Pharmacist must analyze positioning the German pharmacists have taken part: studies prophesy any third party of currently 21000 industry representatives that, because there is an oversupply. At the same time the end of the cure world in the highly regulated market suggests: If in the future, corporations must operate pharmacies, chain formation is possible, and the prices for prescription drugs be liberalised, nothing will be, as it was previously. Then is to be expected that the pharmaceutical wholesaler and major drugstore chains roll up the market and make pressure. No wonder, that the pharmacist greatly unsettled with colleagues are looking for the shoulder to shoulder and come together in the context of marketing co-operations. In addition to the gloomy prospects, there is also a current enemy, which of course is called Doc Morris. The bustling Dutch provider lured already 38 pharmacies in Germany in his franchise, who make now very vocal on low-price competitors.

Therefore arises for the competitors urgency to the question of the own positioning. Of course, as well as all prefer talk about quality advice and service. Of course, Who has as much expertise as the pharmacist, actually cannot. And there is also considerable, what is, for example, the Organization of Parmapharm has a drop: also who calls outside opening hours at one of 900 connected pharmacies, receives expert advice via a hotline – this is pure service. It would be but short-sighted, knee-jerk to cling to the familiar self-image and to allow that the pharmacy market will probably Tick ignore is like any other market: there will be premium and cheap strategies, as well as full-range supplier and specialized niche. You will see large chains with costs and lone with close contact to the audience. The question can the future positioning of the independent pharmacists answer is therefore not lump-sum.

Each pharmacist should therefore his environment and This rooms a marketing strategy, analyze its target audience carefully. Only one must be sacrosanct: the red logo of the pharmacies. Because no symbol is more memorable and easier for the topic of trust. Source: Horizon