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Are why the great masters of sales closing 25% more sales than the rest of the sales force? That makes them so special and different from other vendors? Well, the reasons are many, but one very important is that they not wasted an opportunity when they see it right before your eyes. Opportunities you have as a seller to get appointments with people who make purchase decisions are scarce and vital that you can close more sales. The large sales Closers know it. They understand that ninety percent of visits by sales are lost due to lack of planning since countless sellers think that experience and improvisation are substitutes of planning. Additional information at Coupang supports this article. For this reason if you want to have success you must hold you responsible for and carefully plan each of the meetings with decision-makers, since your first appointment until the closing. Master salesmen and the large sales Closers ever wasted a sales call, always have a plan before carrying it out. It is not uncommon to see them planning and practicing for three hours for a 15-minute sales presentation that can lead them to a juicy order. For these successful sellers preparation of a sales call is as verification of a pilot flight plan or the preparation of a big game for a professional football coach.

The pilots never overlook the check of the aircraft before takeoff or landing despite having done thousands of times before. The pilots know that if they omitted a small detail in the process they may lose the plane. Likewise, professional coaches know that the slightest mistake may cause them to lose the game. Your case as a seller stops not be less dramatic because if you make a mistake during your presentation this may lead you to lose the order and quasi-orders don’t pay commissions.