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Russian Federation

Participation in the conference – good chance to get to their asset scientific publication, which for the exit to the protection must be at least five or six (in some more dissertation councils). Classified research conference as a whole can be on three grounds. 1. Tertiary education or not 2. Full-time / distance 3. International / All-Russian general, universities hold the conference on the basis of an educational institution, followed by the publication of materials conference in the collection of articles or journal at university. Organization of the conference involved more often than laboratory under the supervision of the chairman.

Conferences can also be conducted in the departments. In this case, subjects reports and abstracts will be likely limited to a single specialty (economics, philosophy, sociology …) Participation in any conference is likely to be fraught with financial costs. State in currently funded by several annual scientific conferences, the costs of the other falls on the shoulders of the participants. Organizing fee is expended by the organizers to print collections and / or location participants in the hotels. Although the selection and accommodation fee is stipulated as a separate item, ask the charming person responsible, which hotel is better to stop, so you can quickly get to a place conduct. What you should pay attention. If your goal is to obtain the publication, the trip is optional and costs will be significantly reduced. In this case, be sure to ask the organizers a few points.

1) The approximate release date for the collection of print. It must be remembered that sending registered mail to Russia within two to three weeks. Plus the actual preparation of packages for shipment may take organizers a few days. 2) The price of printing and mailing of the collection of the Russian Federation. Maybe have to pay shipping separately, so it's best to find out the price immediately. 3) Does the book ISBN. This point is important because when you exit to the protection of may require this number. If the items on the issues do not arise, then we can move on to the preparation of this article. There must be familiar with the rules of registration. Correct design and literature titles for you no one will and we can just get a waiver from the publication of your article. So in advance to find out the form for submissions to the newsletter or on the conference website. This is perhaps the main points that need to be taken into account.