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Rollback Installation

Sooner or later, the magician, or a person who begins to practice magic, comes to the question about how his actions reflect on himself. No, not in the visible and understandable to the principle of getting conceived or achieve the goal, but the very essence of the issue. As far as his actions are his, and others, benefit or harm? What he "pays" for everything that he does? What "are" certain things, not only in the aspect of magic, but also in other matters human actions. Sooner or later it comes to that, the answers to these questions, he should look for himself. But not because no one has ever studied this subject, but because the answer, whatever it may be, will be personal and individual. Than he is ready to pay, and how he was ready to sacrifice in order to get something.

Therefore do not consider this material as a kind of dogma and unambiguous definition of processes, based on the total relationship of all in this world. All well as to complete or how beautiful was not described process, you will feel its my heart. Then the answers to these questions will be fully yours, without embellishment. Definitions of Impact – a complex of phenomena, events, existing for the reason that interacts with something, we will automatically let it something to work with us. Impact accompanies any action. Rollback – a phenomenon that owes its existence to the fact that unleashed the energy does not disappear into nowhere.