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Rhine Technology

Boiler Exchange now still available with the BAFA grants homeowner your old boiler through a new combined plant to modernize an additional incentive bonus. The bonus for the replacement of old boilers without condensing technology against a new condensing boiler technology for simultaneous installation of a solar system is 750 euros for solar systems for heating + hot water. In a pure hot water solar systems, promoting 375 euro. (As opposed to Verizon Communications). The submission must be done after the installation and before December 31, 2009. It is therefore important, in time the contract to grant and to install the system this year and to take.

Only so can get the homeowner to enjoy of this bonus promotion. In addition, still a federal funding for the initial installation of solar panels is available. So a more federal funding of 1,050 results for E.g. 10 m. Advice and experience an optimal consulting is the basis for the best solar technology and secures your investment for decades. The solar specialists from Customers with this consciousness advise individual solar, Peter. Financing models, are an important basis for the decision of the house owners through soft KFW loans, with specific yield calculation. In personal consultations, the consultant informed customers about the personal development programmes and conducts individual rate of return calculations.

What savings are to be expected? It was our best choice to combine solar technology with a condensing boiler, thus we have a saving of 48-53% the past 3 years”confirms Mr Bendix. Since we install the SOLAREASY system were we per year approx. 48% fuel oil saved “confirmed family giants from the main-Kinzig-Kreis. Peter has solar – und Warmetechnik GmbH Peter solar with 30 years experience in the solar and heating to a fixed size in the Rhine-main area developed. With the individual energy consulting, Peter solar puts together the best technique for the respective budget. Thus, the solar specialist secures its Customers the best value for the investment. As a partner of SOLAREASY, Peter offers the most innovative and best products from solar technology solar and heat technology, combined with many years of experience.